Practice Sept 2

man...Dyce is changing it up and bringing fun back! Love it

tunes going
the lil prepractice group dancoff things that have been missing are surfacing
guys are laughing and look happy
fans in, fans, fans, fans and more fans

damned near brings a tear to an eye.............not mone.....someone esle's I am sure though :cowboy:

can't wait to see them get going!


Any sign of Devin Wilson getting back?

How is Ryan Smitty included in offense?

Jake Doughty???? Still man down.

Steven Miller's involvement with offense. I could see him getting shuttled off for Allen. He brought it on special teams but on offense our package doesn't recognize his talents very well or they chose not to integrate him much. Same happened last year where he plateau'd and didn't get back on the roster..............its his time to shine or see ya.

That's enough requests for one day?

well you won't see Tino! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Smith looked fine...didn't notice Wilso...though I really wasn't looking at WRs at all. Allen got reps while Miller waited eagerly for opportunity. I still believe a choice needs to be made...Smith or Dressler, not both

Doughty was on crutches and in a boot a couple weeks ago...doubt he is back soon. Tennant was in a sling...Monroe took some reps at DT. Webster was taking rounds at Safety...I am sure a few will recall us discussing this option on multiple occassions. Maze / Bryan (who has been on the PR) seemed to split a lot of reps.

The full starting OL was practicing...which actually kinda shocked me, especially Clark...Richard sat and I think it was Hardick in his place

Glenn was still doing light throws...Price and Sims got a lot more reps w/o Tino there and looked fairly good.

DD looked in good spirits and seemed happy to see Dyce in the role

oh....and same LB setup as last week for the most part

Why make a choice, both add power to the O, And great receivers to watch if your the D, we should be happy to have both Starting... and trading Dressler would cause a huge uprour, and smith trade would not sit well either, I like the fact we have both... We don't need anymore dumb trades with our stars. JMO

Because I don’t see them keeping all the imports they have…and they have some really good young cheap guys that the salary difference pays for 2/3 of a guy like Jones or Herman. Also tough to start 2 5 and a half foot receivers and both are starter material. Smith is unlikely to stick around without a good raise.