Practice Sept 17

Thanks for bringing these over here, I really enjoy reading them. I'm not a huge fan of, I like balanced views, not overly biased.

Right-o. Turkeybend, the bastion of objectivity.

Let's hope that Morgan is ok. In my opinion he has been our best DB this year. Debatable of course, but that's my opinion

Dressler, Childs, Walker as Imports?
Or does DJ get back on first team?

don't think dj is ready yet.

I'll take an 80% DJ over a 110% Childs any day.

We'll see what happens in practice and who takes 1st team reps.

We could always use more canadians at reciever ( Nicolson, Bagg, Grant, Palmer ) Beef up the O-Line with imports.

I'll take a 100% Flick in 2-4 weeks over an 80% flick tomorrow anyday. We need these guys in October November, not in September.