Practice Schedule

I couldn't find a proper answer to this so thought I would ask here. I wanted to check out the Lions practice sometime soon wondering if they started yet or not and what days they practice. Wanted to check out a few with my girlfriend, thanks for the help guys.

Not sure about practice after training camp. Training camp starts on July 2nd in Kamloops and the schedule for it can be found here.

The training camp starts JUNE 2 not July 2...I'm sure it was just a typo from the previous poster. After training camp ends , they will practice at the teams Surrey facility. They usually practice weekdays at around 10:30 or so ( check the website under team and practice schedule ). I've been to several... anyone can watch them from the sidelines and the players are very approachable after the practice.

yes, sorry... that was a typo on my part... my bad... June 2nd is correct