Practice "two-a-days"?

Okay with only 4 weeks of training camp the schedule indicates there’s only one two hour practice a day.

I’m hoping that they practice in the morning and then hold public practices in the afternoon.

I’m sorry, but if there isn’t “two-a-days” there should be for the first two weeks at least!?! Yes, they have film review and such but they need time together on the practice field to gel. Otherwise they won’t be ready.

Someone please enlighten me or tell me the morning practices are closed to the public!

I would suggest you look at it a little closer.

Must be all that hair in Jare's eyes. Good thing he's going to get it all cut off tomorrow for CFL Fans Fight Cancer (shameless plug).

there Two days Jare
I be taking the late Day at 4:30 PM -6:00 PM
When ever they are Taking Place and I have the Time.

A plug for a Cancer fund raiser is certainly not shameless. :slight_smile: