Practice Roster

Who said yes?

Anyone know yet?

from todays spec they're saying

wr folwkes..yes
dt sanders..yes
de mayne..yes
db atogwe..expected yes
sb fleming..on the fence

sounds like other possibilities are gardner(i hope), and josue,

man i hope gardner agree's... also id like to takes fleming back..

We better Get Gardner

The Ticat roster on now shows six players on the developmental roster:

Imokhai Atogwe DB
Troy Cunningham DE
Iain Fleming SB
DeVon Fowlkes WR
Shawn Mayne DE
Claude Sanders DE

Pending the return of players from the injured list, there is still room for one more player on the developmental roster.

Rod Babers is still contemplating the offer.

Rod Babers is still contemplating the offer.

On the CHtv sportscast at 6:45 p.m., Ken Welch reported that the seventh spot on the developmental roster has been offered to defensive back Rod Babers but he has not yet decided whether to accept it.

Man I how can they not Offer it to Gardner :cry:

He was better then DeVon Fowlkes

You guys are acting like Talmon was Ben Cahoon!

He wasnt THAT good.

He was Better the half the WR in Camp Crash.
He was Better Fowlkes,Fleming Yeast cavil and Mike .

Only Reasons Mike has Job are:
He From Mac
Is a Vet on this Team
Is Candian to boot.

Fleming has showen Nothing IMO
He Should be let go

We have Way to many Canadians at WR..
we Should have more on the OL instead..

Don't get Me Wrong Most Cuts this year where Right
Just this one was Wrong IMO..

On CH TV Greg Marshall said that when he is deciding to keep a player,
as well as considering his present abilities compared to another player
he considers the upside potential of each player.

I believe that is why he made the decision to kept Willie Quinnie over Talman Gardner

When two player's abilities are close, the usual choice is the speed guy.
I think Willie is the faster of the two players.

That’s 3 reasons. And I think the first one is bunk, and wish people would stop beating the “He’s only playing because he’s from Mac” drum.

Reason #4: Mike is still a talented receiver who proves year in and year out that he’s a gamer.

I don’t think he’s got a lot of time left, but this year he clearly earned his place.

Mike was great in camp and he deserved a spot. He has nothing less then earn a spot way to go Mike.

O.N..... Are you smoking any of that Ricky tobacco?

Fleming had a excellent camp. He's got size, speed, good hands and youth on his he's a non-import. He should have made the active roster.
As far as Gardner goes, he had to beat out Quinnie. While Gardner had a good camp, so did Quinnie....if you don't believe me ask Rob Katz. Quinnie is also a real good kick returner which is why Fowlkes didn't make the active roster.
T Marshall is a talented linebacker, but too slow for the Canadian game.
Babers is solid. I hope he'll agree to a spot on the practice roster. :cowboy:

my two cents worth..

Sorry Don’t Agree …

Nice to see Fleming still manages to stick. You can never have enough good Canadian receivers.

I'm a Fleming fan,hope we don't lose him.

I wonder why 3 of the 6 players are defensive ends. This seems like a bit of an overweighting given how solid our starters are at that position.

too bad we dont have much in the way of backups... fear of injury is probably why.