Practice Roster

3 Canadian receivers on the Practice roster.
Alex Anthony was there last season but did play in the final game so they appear to be grooming him for bigger and better things. He just turned 23.

Bastien a 3rd round pick this year still has a 5th year left at Concordia.

Mitch Thompson from the Thunder also on the PR. I believe he still has a year of Junior eligibility left in the PFC but PT had mentioned that he is also looking into the CIS.

Another rookie Piezchalski stole the show and grabbed a roster spot. The difference for him is he is a big boy 6'5" and 220 and was excellent on teams.

Looking at this I can see why the Riders dropped both Sisco and Etienne now.

It looks like they are confident enough that Anthony and/or piezchahslki can develop quicker than most rec coming out of the CIS and be ready to contribute if needed by the end of the season.

Also keeping White was a good decision. He has played his whole career with the seizure which inludes time at Florida State and in the NFL so he could be a gem as he played very good in TC as well.

Matt Vonk a project National Olineman I like as well. Keeping him in the system and deveolping him into a back up RT would be ideal

disappointed Ivy isn't there...I'm guessing he said no

According to, it says the Riders re-signed Sisco on the 23rd and moved him to the injured list? Am I wrong? Please tell me I am wrong. Big disappointment.

with the level of turnover at WR and the team as a whole this year...perhaps not a bad idea. They likely inked at a reduced rate and can see how other guys develop for a third of the season and can use him to push other guys

Most likely he did. he is one of the guys that were auditionaing for other teams. Could see him fit nicely in Winnipeg. The unorthodox D scheme looks for versatile players and IVY started off looking good an MLB and then at DE that speed off the edge with that hit caught someones Eye I am sure.

I saw that also but it is now the 25th and he is not appearing on the roster anywhere. Would have thought that it would have been Etienne before Sisco.