Practice Roster

Richard posted in the Bombers forum that Emmanuel Marc (who was amongst the Bombers final cuts) is listed as being added to the Als PR on June 26. However the roster at lists Scott Burley instead (the other six match the transaction page but there's no one listed at the Als website in the PR section). It was reported in the Winnipeg papers that Marc had been signed by the Lions. Anyone know whether Marc or Burley is the 7th guy?

CFL Transactions is usually the most accurate indicator and it shows Marc being added and not Burley.
On Friday the Als posted their practice roster (including Burley) on the news portion of their website, but then removed it which indicated something was up.
Can you tell us anything about Marc from his Winnipeg experience?

Under the previous agreement between the League and Union, if a team had 7 players-at least 2 non-imports- on its practice roster,it said "at least 1 player on the practice roster shall be filled by a non-import who is a candidate in the current year of the CFL Canadian draft..."

The 2 non-imports on the Als practice roster,as per CFL transactions of June 26,2010,were/are: Steven Holness and Ivan Brown. These 2 players were draft candidates in previous years and not this year. For this reason,under the previous agreement, the Als could have only 6 players on the practice roster. Again,based on previous agreement. Apparently, under the new agreement, the 7th player still has to be a non-import butno matter when he was eligible for the draft. Under the new agreement, Holness and Brown would be OK/eligible for the current practice roster.

I wonder if this is the reason why the Als are not posting/listing their practice roster on their site.

I expect an announcement, no later than Tuesday, re the new collective agreement.


He had a pretty good camp just not good enough. There were some who thought he performed well enough in camp to knock Bernard off the roster. In the pre-season game against the Als he had 9 carries for 44 yards and a TD and 2 receptions for 38 yards. Against the Ticats he had only 2 carries for 5 yards. Lions fans might have more information since he was BC before or some of the Bomber posters who were at TC this year (Towellie was at a lot of practices and could probably give more info).

Just to correct what I wrote, yes under the previous agreement Holness and Brown could be on the practice roster,but we could not have more than 6 players. Either these 2 non-imports and 4 imports or 1 non-import and 5 imports.


Re Emmanuel Marc ;

while he had a solid pre season game against the Als, keep in mind the Als played mainly their rookies in that game. They left many of their starters at home and or on the sidelines.

Mais s'il a été assez bon pour se distinguer contre nos recrues, peut-être l'est-il assez pour être réserviste aussi.