Practice Roster

Today's the first of the annual 30-day period where roster rules allow for an increase, to a maximum of 12, in the number of players on a practice roster. With Middleton gone, we only have 3 practice players (all imports) at the moment, so up to 7 more imports would be permitted over the next month. It'll be interesting to see if any are brought in and how such activity here compares to what the other clubs do.

yes it will

I think they'll be in Johnson and place him on the Practice Roster

If you mean the Argo kicker (Eddie) Johnson, he's not available. Argos still paying him ("injured").

I think it's clear that the Ticats still need receiver depth. Beyond Bruce, Rodriguez and McDaniel, we have zero import receiving talent. Hope to see Obie add some import receivers to the PR.

As much as I like Long and McIntyre - The Tiger Cats need a sustained rush. Neither of these guys have provided the sustained pressure or sacks. Obie should try and find a quality rush end, kicker and wideout.

I would not be surprised to see 3 to 4 guys show up within the week. As Obie has stated in the past - Better is Better. We need to get better for a playoff run.

8) Obie has stated in the Spec this morning that he will bring in two different waves of players,
  starting for tomorrow's practice, of 2 D Linemen and 2 receivers, who can also return punts, and

  also a hybrid linebacker/defensive back  !!

How about a kicker?

8) Nope, no kicker mentioned, and no QB's will be coming in either !!

On the first day of the expanded limit, MTL added 3, EDM (who somehow already had 9 on their PR when the limit was 7) added another 2 more, WPG & SSK added 1 each. No moves registered by BC, CAL, TOR & HAM.

Five new names have just appeared on the Cats' PR

Practice Roster

Name Pos I/N HT WT Born College

15 Davis, Tony DB Import 5.10 195 1986-09-09 Penn State
41 Baker, Lewis LB Import 6.03 203 1984-10-12 Oklahoma
75 Gunn, Marquies DE Import 6.04 264 1983-11-22 Auburn
84 Bayes, Shawn WR Import 5.10 181 1987-07-08 Kent State
96 Gaines, Josh DL Import 6.01 274 1985-09-27 Penn State

Disappointed there is no kicker on the list. We need to improve in this area and protect ourselves if Nick gets hurt. Hopefully there will be more announcements to come.

McIntyre maybe, but Long? How do you get to that conclusion? He has 7 sacks and 25 tackles in 8 (or less) games - those are solid numbers for any DE outside of Cameron Wake. Maybe you’re thinking of Hickman who has 33 tackles (good) but only 2 sacks (not so good) in 12 games?