Practice Roster

Quick questions, if the practice roster doubles now, why have we only signed Coker?

The Argos signed a whole whack of players.

Thought Obie was going to have a whole bunch of players here last Tuesday?

Sorry, we also signed Jordan Matechuk

It was announced that we were supposed to sign two more defensive linemen, an offensive tackle and a defensive back, but there has been no news in that regard.

The signing of Kashama a Canadian and a good pass rusher might be the signing of the year for the Cats. But why would the Allwets let him go, makes you wonder. :?

I'm a bit disappointed that we did not sign Kai Ellis. I guess we have added by subtraction in management's eyes.

And it looks like we missed out on Tim Strickland as the Argos have signed him.

Obie better have a few more significant NFL cuts trying out for the Cats than what he has brought in so far.I hope Obie doesnt think that we do not need anyone after a close loss to Edmonton.Close but no cigar Obie !