Practice Roster

Non-Import DL Nuvraj Bassi

Import DL Brent Curvey

Import DB Denatay Heard

Import DB Tad Kornegay

Import DB Brandon Lynch

Import DL Jimmy Verdon

They have gone with 6 as they do not have a NI from this years draft that either did not make the team or is not on the "injured" list.

yay on keeping Denatay Heard and Verdon. Actually, I like that they kept Lynch too.

What about Bake? I thought Verdun and Bake looked very good in practice. Is it Verdun or Verdon? Like Heard and Lynch. Not big on Kornegay.

The only positive about Kornegay is that he provides some veteran presence I guess

I thought Bradshaw was a NI, I guess he didn't look as good. I didn't hear much about him in camp.

I think Bradshaw was injured through all of training camp.

Yes, Bradshaw has a serious injury and will require surgery.

If he has had another serious injury, that is likely his career. He missed 3/4 of his last season at college because of injury didn't he?

Anybody heard anything about Brian Jones he seems to be missing off the roster page in riderville. No mention of him being cut, the only thing I can find is a mention of him failing his physical. So is his career over?

Yup, that is right, he failed his physical so he is out.