Practice Roster Players play a few games a year?

For development of the players and for them to have a little fun, east PR players vs West a few games a year? You would think that development of these players must include game situations. I can't think of another way. Of course they are on immediate recall. Maybe some downside, maybe someone gets hurt but there is also some advantages to the team and players. If the league and players can make this work there will be advantages. When, where all would need to be worked out. Could this be worked out?

That would actually be rather interesting; a "next generation" game if you will? Maybe take the opportunity to add some new tech or maybe even test a rule change or two.

Sounds like a good idea.

A game between practice rosters would be a step below actual practice. The practice roster players play during the practices against current CFL players.

If they wanted to market it as a fun flag football game or something...perhaps. I think the CFL GM's have enough to deal with as is, instead of creating a practice roster league. Just my opinion.


a minor league at practice roster pay.

CFLPA probably would not go along with PR players playing any games without increased pay

It could be a way to showcase more global players as well.

Maybe instead of East-West, have Globals-Nationals.

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A CFL PR isn't even 12 players, so each team wouldn't even be able to field a proper O, D or ST lineup.

Think the idea was to form two teams from PR players ... but doubt they could still fill proper teams ... end up with DTs playing OG or WRs playing MLB ...

Yeah, I think they'd definitely have to bring in some active roster backups to be able to fill two full rosters for an actual game.

Another thing to consider is that a PR usually consists of one player for each overall group of players. ie. 1xWR, 1xRB, 1xLB etc. It's too varied and general.

I'm all for new ideas, but lets talk about ideas that actually make sense. This doesn't.

Interesting thought

PA may not like it. The league may not either. Might cost too much to hold these VS. revenue that it would create

In terms of not have enough players, maybe you could do a west PR VS east PR
Once a year

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It would have to be something like that (nationals vs globals could be possible too), but even then they might need active roster players to complete two full rosters.

Now THAT is actually a good idea. Bring back the All-Star game and have an all PR game before it. That way the future and current talent get more exposure.

OK I might have to poo-poo on that lol
When would you play an all-star game? If it's prior to season or end of season I'm not sure this works as PR spots are fluid
IF its middle of season it would work but I'm not sure anyone would want an allstar game mid season

having the PR players play actual games against each other would not likely get PA approval.

if they would agree, there would be demands for compensation to players, such as they must be paid per game the same salary as if they were on a team roster.

if any game was played before the end of season, then compensation for injuries would be required along the line of at least one roster game salary per game not available to be put on the roster for.

then again, this would give PR players a chance to fake or exaggerate injuries for that purpose.

a messy kettle of fish.

don't think the league and the PA could agree on how to make this happen

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I say play the All-Star game the weekend after the Grey Cup. Then have a west vs east PR game the day before.

Interesting idea. A swan song to the CFL season
Maybe the CFL could have a week off between the division finals and the Grey Cup and hold the allstar/PR game that gap week, kind of like the NFL

Could/would TSN, or any other media outlet, pay enough to make it worthwhile for the players to risk injury heading into the offseason ... especially pending UFAs.

It would be a great show of faith in the CFL and Canadian football in general on the part of TSN. It's only 2 more games.