practice roster players need to play!!!

Ok i think by now the current players who have been playing, i think we have a pretty good idea whos not cutting it and who is.

I think we need to give the practice roster players some playing time to see if there worth a shot for next year. We need to see what we have. I would like to try Matt Clark at defensive back and take out Michael Roberts. I would also like to see Jykine Bradley back there to see what he can do. Sir James Delgardo needs to be looked at again adn Sasha Glavic needs to be tried out for a game in the secondary.

As for Eric Ince, he needs to be checked out. With Peter Dyakowski injured right now i would like to see Eric Ince on the regular roster for a few games.

As for our receivers, Jason Armstead, Brock Ralph and Chris Bauman are locked in for next year i think. As for Nate Curry and Jason French and also Jo Jo walker im not sure about. I would like to see Kendrick Starling some more along with Rashaun Woods and Talman Gardner getting more play time.We need to see what these players are all about.

We need to try some new things and see what we have in general

This may sound nuts but I would like to see Chang have another shot at starting. We have nothing to lose and this is the perfect opportunity to get him some reps.

Williams has been OK but he hasn’t shown a strong arm or the ability to read plays and stretch the D consistently. I would like to see Timmy!

You do understand the Clark is injured right? And there are only so many active roster spots for if you take guys off the practice roster, you'll likely have to cut someone.