Practice Roster now up

Bang on as what was expected/anticipated.
The only "sort of a surprise" is Mertile making his way on...2 import DBs was anticipated...Norman was a given...didn't know what to expect for the 2nd.
will be interesting to see which DLman gets a nasty hit of turf toe in a few days.

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Apparently it's Walker. A bit surprised. Does this mean that a NAT might play inside next to George?

Sure seems to be their intent so as to open ratio options. Opens a lot of doors if they can rotate a guy on the DL/Emry/MacDougall. I can't see how they can keep 4 national DL on the active if they don't try getting one in there more. I still think they will attempt moving one of Ainsworth or Steinhauer, and Steinhauer is the backup LS I believe. 1 over the 4 needs to eventually come off the active roster in some fashion IMO...perhaps it will PR...but hey...Connop is apparently going to be coming back in a couple weeks as well.