Practice roster continues to grow with good talent

Shabazz and long are good players. Suprised it was the stamps who got them. I'm guessing players want to be a part of a great team like the stamps. I thought they might re-sign Jackson to the p.r. I haver heard of the running back they signed though. Played at a community college? Hoping he is a dimond in the rough... Or huff. I'm still hoping Calgary can find and develope more Canadian talent... Like a qb. Maybe glavic next year.

Well, since no other teams showed an ounce of interest in them for 14 weeks, maybe they just want to be a part of anything football rather than a Stamp, nessessarily.

I doubt many players not working would go to Winnipeg this year. Most likely wait till next season to see if they get some tryouts. Playing for a poor cfl team is notcalwaya the most welcomed prospect no matter how much they love the game. Lafors didn’t even show up this year.