Practice Reports (vs Toronto)

Pretty weak report so far. More debating where to put Flick if he is able to play.

Thanks again OP for obtaining these PR's, they are much appreciated.

Flick with a limp probably means another week (or maybe next year). Smith in for January would make roster room for an extra import (like a Flick, or a Bowman, or a Hugh Charles).

Special Treat ... Givenfofly report:


Just one question.
There is much speculation that Flick will NOT play again this year......Why then is he fully geared and participating in practices?

Personally i think Flick will be activated for the Argo game..........But i know nothing.....

Well, it's a must win (aren't they all?!!) to have a shot at second place, so Flick (and a couple of others who were on the mend) might be there in at least a limited role as a playoff warmup, but keeping in mind that we don't want anybody overdoing it if they are not 100% and possibly jeopardizing the playoffs. Last week's combos were more than a match for the Eskimos, but any team can be a spoiler, so the Riders can't go in over-confident against the Argos. We may need every weapon in the bag, you never know. As a Sask. resident, we are here in Toronto visiting family, and will be at the game screaming our faces off for the Green and White.

We've settled into a deeply imported defence. We dressed 6 imports on offence in game 2 (Dominguez, Flick, Dressler, Bowman, Childs, Cates). We dressed 3 in game 15 (Walker, Dressler, Charles).

If we want Flick in, we have to shuffle our defence even more. Our wiggle room is gone with injuries to 3 key Canadians (Leron Mitchell, Yannick Carter, Jeremy O'Day).

Flick has struggled forever in practice. Unable to handle full practice two days in a row. We want him to be healthy when he goes in. We have other options at reciever if he can't go (like Walker, Marshall, Bowman). Having Flick limping around is not as useful as having Bowman's size and speed on the edge. Our slots are being handled very well by Fantuz, Dressler, and Getzlaf.

Flick has been geared and practicing .... with a limp and major pain. We want him healthy. We also don't want him rusty. If he still can't go in Toronto, there isn't much hope of getting him in for the playoffs.

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Dominguez's import spot is expected to be filled on Thursday by slotback D.J. Flick, who has been out since Week 2 with a broken fibula.
For Thursday's game, the Roughriders are expected to be without defensive halfback Lance Frazier, who has a team-high five interceptions. He tweaked a quadriceps muscle in Tuesday's practice.

With Frazier unavailable, the Roughriders -- who have been dressing six American defensive backs -- could activate import defensive back Denatay Heard. The other option would be to dress five American DBs in addition to homebrews Scott Gordon and Sebastian Clovis.

In addition, the Roughriders are expected to add import tailback Hugh Charles to the 46-man roster, and possibly the 42-man squad. Charles has been on the Riders' practice roster, but the Lions expressed a strong interest because their primary ball-carrier, Charles Roberts, is gone for the season with a torn Achilles tendon. The Riders, who are impressed by Charles' talent, appear to be willing to protect his rights by activating him.

The other injury situation of note pertains to non-import offensive tackle Wayne Smith, who has missed two straight games with a shin injury. If Smith does return to the lineup on Thursday, the Roughriders may opt to rest import tackle Glenn January. That import spot could then be occupied by Jimmy Verdon, who would allow the Roughriders to rest Scott Schultz or Luc Mullinder. Schultz and Mullinder are playing well, in the appraisal of the coaches, but the Roughriders want to ensure that their legs are fresh for the playoffs.

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46-man roster

DJ Flick (Horray)


January made it on ... we may have to decide between him and Hugh Charles. With Frazier out, Johnson is listed starting at corner, with Kornegay moving inside. Johnson is also listed as returner, but I figure that will change, with Hugh Charles or Heard taking kicks. All three coming off were placed on the injured list.

This version of the 46-man roster only has 45 names on it. I assume Best is still on, because he isn't listed as being taken off.

Right now only 6 o-linemen are listed - they've all got to be on the 42 man list.

wait a sec what did i miss, why is Matty off the list?

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As a precautionary move, the Saskatchewan Roughriders' coaching staff has decided not to play wide receiver Matt Dominguez in Thursday's CFL game against the host Toronto Argonauts.
Last week, Dominguez had fluid drained from the left knee, which he has injured three times since becoming a pro football player in 2001.
Doesn't say Why .... just says that he is. He wasn't really himself when he was in. They're also talking about resting Mullinder or Shultz, and with Hugh Charles in, possibly even Cates.


sheeeesh. he needs to have more playing time!!

He did well in the playoffs last year after missing the end of the regular season and playing with basically a broken foot.

We have a strong 46 man roster…finally

Sitting MD is wise, we need him to take BC defenders deep.

Sitting Cates would also be a good idea…So much of our success against BC will be a result of a healthy Cates.

Toronto updates are hard to find, but I did find some roster changes.
Special teams leader Chris Hardy comes off the injured list while lineman Adrian Davis moves to the practice roster. Guard Jonta Woodard (ankle) and defensive back Kenny Heatly (hand) are out.
Kenny Wheaton is back in, after being benched in favour of Will Poole last week.

Always nice to know your opponents are busy fighting amongst themselves.