Practice Reports (vs Hamilton)

Originally Posted by Balls
Thanks for the report. I dropped into practice for 1/2 hour or so and offer a few additional comments:

  • Anton Mackenzie was practicing with the 1st team
  • Vince Marshall was taking 1st team reps (in place of the injured Gerran Walker) along with Dressler, Getzlaf and Bagg.
  • Fantuz, Dominquez and Flick all took reps with the 2nd team. Flick looked like he was limping.
  • I saw two long passes to Adarius Bowman and he looked terrible on both. Didn't make adjustment to either pass...questionable effort
  • Abou Mechrek was practicing.
  • Scott Gordon is still practicing with the first team. I was hoping that Patrick would get the start for the Hamilton game.