Hey, say what you like about Sask fans, but over at, they put out some really great unbiased practice reports for all of the out of town Bishop fans last year. Anybody going to practice today?
Would apreciate some unbiased reports please. :slight_smile:

....Relaying someone elses take on practice today....Michael (the gun) Bishop was throwing his usual lasers...The fans in attendance cheered when he hit one of the receivers, with one of those darts in the hands.....Lefors took first snaps....Randall got the most...?????Kelly looked 'more humble' according to some...A lot of smiling faces on the sidelines....especially the receivers.. :wink: Nothing extra special..unless you consider that there is now a qb. ,on the Bomber squad, that can chuck the ball from one end-zone to the other :lol:

By "unbiased" I assume you mean worshipping the very ground that Bishop walks on..........or does he walk on water too? know what MadJack....i'm getting a little sick and tired of all the negativity on this site from you....The Bombers are trying to get their act together and all you can do is jump all over them ...yet you seem to me a little more than 'giving' when it comes to some other teams sites....You don't like Kelly ...tough....he;s the Bombers coach.....I will defend him and knock him when deserving....but to have this continual barrage of criticizm is just uncalled for...IF and when the Als.. hit a rough patch i'll make sure i reserve some 'cheap-shots' for your site... and I'll add, to be fair ,it's not just for the rest of those who don't want to make fair comment and just come here to insult ...hit the road.. :thdn:

Thanks for the report papazoola, so we have no idea who is starting? Even if they do, I suppose the plan is to keep them guessing. I suspect Argos are preparing for Bish.

As for Madjack? Your question, what did I mean by unbiased? I simply meant....tell it like it is. Unbiased FYI means a honest review,not to be swayed by emotion one way or the other. Did the receivers drop his passes, did Bishop over throw everybody?

Apologies papa, I did not intend my comments to be as negative as you infer. I do feel your pain.............I've been there, if you recall my Als of the mid 60s and early 80s....

Your team has serious problems, we concur. Good luck in sorting it out. I'm not sure Bishop is the answer.......I think bringing in an offensive coordinator and relieving Kelly of that responsibility is the route I'd go were I in charge, but I'm not sure you can do that midstream...

....most of the neg. comments have started to ramp-up lately....Sure, Kelly gives cause ,with his demeanor,,,but this team is bigger than Kelly...You have brought up 'some' positives regarding the Bombers....more than i can say for a few other 'rogue' posters...Hey , it's not easy defending a 'blowhards' position,,,but like i said ...i am a fan of this team and with only 4 games played in 09....i'm not ready to throw in the towel, on this club or its coach....Bishops arrival has definitely opened a few doors on offence....Whether its successful or not...we'll have to 'wait and see'...We will definitely find out if its the offensive schemes or players in the next few games...however i don't believe we've seen 'anything' happen with this offence or its potential because of the quarterbacking...Now that's about to change...hopefully next game...And now i'll add the ol 'we'll see'... :wink:

That's exactly where it's at.

Assuming Bishop plays most of the game on Saturday, then we should have a good read on whether the Bombers' offensive woes are scheme-related or personnel-related.

We'll see...

But at the outset of this home and home series, I predicted that it would be a split, and I see no reason to change that prediction (except that I anticipated the home team winning).

Now this is interesting.........

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I lived through the Reinbold era, I think I can survive the Kelly show. I'll take mistakes and screw-ups on our offence, because they look like they are really trying, over the last couple of yrs. of missed tackles, half- assed efforts and a screaming coach. Papa go easy on Madjack, he IS a class act. Just look at his reply! Illegitimae non carborundum

....Bishop was taking most of the reps today....and progressing very well....Makes me think he could be the 'guy' on Sat. going against the argos.....By looking at some of the practice film-clips...i would say he hasn't lost a bit of velocity on his throws....He seems very relaxed and could very well be game-ready on Sat....Bowman was also at practice without pads....he could be ready... :wink: