Practice Reports ( Playoff Semi-Final )

Honestly Austin if you don't think Wally doesn't know about these things and more you would be kidding yourself.

Yes austinpowers .Wally on site vists checks and plans this i fear true,Maybe Wally here now knows Flick is hurt knows Matt is hurt,Wally eats pork rinds and thinks.....austinpowers is right.........

And if he really wanted to, Wally would have someone at the practice watching...

When I was at the Rider ticket office on Monday, the team was just leaving. The guy in front of me asked Cates if he would be ready to go he said "ya I'll be ready for Saturday, don't worry" He looked pumped up and ready to go.

If Wally and the Lions are using Rider fan sites to get their information they are in a lot worse shape then I thought.

Wally's on here all the time. Who do you think SwervinMervin is?

And how much you wanna bet Wally has a cousin named debralynne? That 578366796 at the end of her name is just a disguise.

Practice: Nov 5th

was there for a bit this morning,

  • Flick was in sweats
  • Dominguez took his reps with the second team
  • Bowman I think was about 50/50 in his passes caught to dropped ratio
    -Bishop and Jyles both had some nice long throws
    -Defense sure looks sharp and ready to fire on all cylinders
    -Bagg was practicing today again so that was good to see
    -Cates practiced again today and looked fine
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REPORTER: Why practice indoors today?

MILLER: The weather report was 30% chance of rain and when I came to work this morning it was sprinkling. It said there was gonna be wind gusts. So I thought one day inside this week to make sure we got good work in would be alright. The weather's supposed to clear up tomorrow, sunny and a bit crisp just like game time, so we'll likely be back outside tomorrow.

REPORTER: What are your thoughts on Wes Cates since he practice for the first time today?

MILLER: He looked pretty good. Early on he was favouring his ankle a little bit but once he got warmed up he was pretty smooth.

does anyone feel a little discouraged, seeing that these guys can't seem to be ready? Dominguez and Flick..

if they weren't ready to come back when they did then they should have stayed off the field!

They really couldn't have known until they tested it. Practice is not the same as a game. It's unfortunate they are out but I'm glad they gave it a shot before the playoffs.

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Rolly Lumbala looked excellent during punting drills. Sam Young did an outstanding job filling in a middle linebacker. Oh yes, Nautyn McKay-Loescher looked pretty mobile in the backfield as well. You may have guessed already that the CFL playoffs are underway, and after four seasons where they had everything go their way the Lions are going to some unusual measures to make sure they can practice incognito. So basically, the entire team threw on any practice uniform they could find and went to work Wednesday. The Lions, it would seem, feel that Rider Nation extends to portions of the Whalley area. The truth of the matter is that all the Lions really succeeded in doing is screwing up reporters who weren't paying attention. That, and giving everyone in the general three-block radius a headache because of the music blaring onto the practice field
Apperantly, the Lions are scared of Rider fans invading their practice and relaying info to the team, so they're playing musical jersey at practice to try and throw us off.

MD is getting 2nd team reps..Last game MD played he was getting decent separation, but errant passes (one int. in the end zone) and it's Matt who sits....hmmmmmmm........ He is sure handed, and obviously STILL runs crisp routes.

Until i see the 46 man roster i still have faith in him making the roster.

I don't hold one ounce of validity in the knee brace slowing MD down rumors...Jason Clermont , the starting slotback, will be sporting a new knee brace......Go figure..

I think what they're trying to avoid saying is that MD's knee really isn't that good right now......

Granted, that is what they want us too believe,.....But then, why is MD still taking reps.....huh......... me thinks trickery's at play......Wally's ears are everywhere, that and his trail of pork rinds........

Dominguez was interviewed on greenzonefootball earlier today.

He says he's good to go but Miller wants him to sit out. He's also not terribly happy that he has to sit out the home playoff game, again.

I heard that Wally was crunching his pork rinds loudly at practice yesterday to simulate crowd noise.

Lol....yeh , you started the pork rind thing, but the more i think about that miserable sob and his leathery wrinkled old scowling mug, i think too my self.....dang, he even looks like a pork rind.......

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It was freezing at Riders’ practice today. I know it was minus 2 but it sure felt like minus-20. The wind was blowing at 40 km/h, which added to the overall chill. The Riders also remained outdoors because there isn’t any other way to prepare for cold weather than to play in cold weather. Other than the cold, it was pretty dull at practice. We know that Matt Dominguez and D.J. Flick won’t play Saturday because of injury. That means the first-team receivers were Adarius Bowman, Rob Bagg, Weston Dressler, Andy Fantuz and Chris Getzlaf. Not a whole lot of experience there but it’s the hand the Riders have to play. On the line, Gene Makowsky is back at left guard and Jeremy O’Day has returned to centre. Wes Cates was also with the first-team offence and should be ready to go on Saturday. — Murray McCormick

what is that indoor place they have been practicing in lately?