Practice Reports ( Playoff Semi-Final )

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[b]Adarius Bowman has been touted as being ready to come back this week. How do you envision the receiving situation sorting out and how you might infuse him back into the lineup?[/b] “I think that he may be in that mix, but it’s a little bit too soon to tell right now, with this being the extra day. Maybe even as early as tomorrow, we’ll have a little better indication on that.’’

Jeremy O’Day was back at practice today. Are him and D.J. Flick possible or probable? “Possible, really. D.J. was really sore today, so we’ll have to see how that goes. We’ll have to see how Jeremy is when he comes in tomorrow. We just have to evaluate those guys who have practised or are coming back or are sore from the game. We’ll just have to see how they are tomorrow.’’

With Wes not being around, is that an indication that he is a little bit more hurt? “No, I don’t think so. I think he’s going to be fine. He and Szarka were both inside for the most part today because it didn’t make sense to have them out here running around when they both have lower-leg problems.’’

Does the fact that Jeremy was out here today indicate that he is ahead of schedule? “I’m really optimistic on him. It really depends a lot on how he comes in tomorrow and the next day. I would like to have him back if he can come back.’’

Back for this coming weekend? “Yes.’’

O'Day and Bowman both back in. This team got a lot better in the past couple weeks.

If we are too beat BC....

O-line at 100% ,more so now then against Calgary on the 15th...We need O'Day

A healthy Szarka and Cates,picking up the blitz and block BC's Wake and Johnson are imperative to giving Bish an extra second too read coverage...

Stretch the Defense.
A healthy Dominguez and Bowman as wideouts.....WOW.....we gotta have Bagg in there too,he's got wheels and mitts...
Our key will be over the middle,Fantuz,Getzlaf, Dressler would be my choices, these guys will take Linebackers with them, opening up room for our ground game.... .

Not worried about our Defense at all......Pierce meet MoLo
Special Teams......Kick away from, or kick ob.......

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I got a question.

why put Bowman in the game? he isn't exactly proven to have any hands!

I'd rather have anyone else before him at this point.

He's a better option than a sore Flick who had no impact on the game last week, and he won't have the pressure of being the go to guy he was early in the year.

I don't know why you are so fixated on hating the Eskimo's and Bowman.

From the practice reports I have read it sounds like Bowman has taken his time on the nine game and used it to learn the playbook better and work on his hands. It sounds like he is catching the ball better. Hope he can transfer that to game time.

Up against a 6'1 Calgary corner, would you rather have the guy that's 6'4 and can win the jump ball (Bowman), or the guy that's 5'11 (Bagg / Grant) and will have a jump ball (which Bishop likes to throw) turn into an interception?

I have to agree the added height of a Bowman will be a big advantage on a Bish deep ball.

I think Bowman is going to get a good look in this game, sounds like they have wanted him back in the lineup for a while. [url=] ... ostcount=1[/url]
ridersaintsfan is at practice right now, and says Flick is not dressed for practice. It's looking likely he won't be playing.

Unfortunate news about Flick,he has worked hard at getting into game shape.

On a selfish note though. We are going into the BC game VERY strong at slotback, with Fantuez Getzlaf and Dressler ...

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Just got home from practice -As mentioned Flick wasn't dressed -Starting recievers were originally Bagg, Fantuz, Dressler, Getzlaf, and Bowman, then Bagg left with a Hamstring injury don't know how serious it is though and Palmer *cringe* took his spot. I dont know why Grant didn't go in. -Dominguez was taking second team reps -O-line was Smith and Johnson at Tackle, Geno and Abou at Guard and O'day at center -Frazier is back starting, I believe Kornegay and Johnson were rotating at the corner opposite Morgan but i'm not 100% sure on that one. -Stevie Baggs was practicing but took mostly second team reps on D-line -Stu took all first team reps at RB but Cates came out and said he'll be ready -McKoy also left practice, his knee was acting up -There were a couple interesting formations also being practiced when they were running Skelly O if you have a about it feel free to PM me and i will go into details
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Stevie (Baggs) was back on the field in pads. I doubt he'll see the field this week, but he loks ready to go if something were to happen.
Matty D was at practice but wasn't going very hard. He was wearing his heavy brace which he hasn't been doing in the past.
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Some Rider injury updates from after today's practice.. WR Matt Dominguez - knee injury won't allow him to play Saturday against BC. Adarius Bowman will replace him.

SB D.J. Flick - questionable for Saturday with his recovering leg injury.

DB Lance Frazier - didnt finish practice, but is expected to play.

RB Wes Cates - missed a second day of practice but is expected to play.

C Jeremy O'Day - practiced for a second straight day and is expected to play.

The J O'Day news is huge
So MD is out........Bowman and who? Rob BAGG would suffice nicely .......We really, really need that second deep threat against BC

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Another day, another injury update on the Roughriders. Right off, receiver Matt Dominguez won’t play in Saturday’s West Division semifinal at Mosaic Stadium against the B.C. Lions. Dominguez’s left knee hasn’t bounced back after he played two games. Dominguez appeared to be in pain during Tuesday’s practice. Riders head coach Ken Miller hopes that Dominguez may be able to return for the West Division final. D.J. Flick is also doubtful. Flick was in sweats on Tuesday and didn’t run a pass pattern. Flick is also sore from his one game at the Rogers Centre on Thursday. I don’t doubt that he’s sore — the turf at the Rogers Centre looked hard and had many seams. I would be surprised if Flick wasn’t sore after running on that turf. That means Adarius Bowman will likely return to the active roster after being on the nine-game injured list with a quadriceps injury. Bowman looked pretty good and there was a humorous moment when a sideline pass from quarterback Michael Bishop bounced off Bowman’s hands and a CBC camera manned by Glenn Reid. There didn’t appear to be any damage and Bowman was able to hang on to the next pass in a similar situation. Wes Cates was also absent but said that he would be fine for Saturday. Receiver Rob Bagg left early while favouring his right hamstring. Miller said that Bagg should be fine, though. Centre Jeremy O’Day s also expected to return to the starting roster after being sidelined with a knee injury.

Bagg tweaks a hammy a practice.....UUURRRRGGGGGHHHH

Miller may say he's confident on RB's return, but hammy issues can linger on for a long time.....

Maybe our receivers should lay off of the physical part of practice and try some Transcendental meditation for game prep......seriously......

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O'Day talks to Rob

Are you expecting to play at this point? Ken said he was optimistic about your status yesterday. “As of right now, I’m expecting to play, until they tell me different. Right now, I’ve been in there practising and feeling good and it’s getting better every day. It’s nice to go out today and have a full practice in pads with the knee to see how it reacted. It feels pretty good and it doesn’t look like there’s any swelling in it.’’
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And Rob Talks to Miller

How tough of a decision is it not to play Matt Dominguez? “It’s a really tough decision, because Matt at 100 per cent is a real difference-maker . . . He is not going to play on Saturday.’’

Is it just because that knee isn’t 100 per cent? “The knee just isn’t 100 per cent. He still has great hands. He still catches really well. He just isn’t moving as well as he needs to move.’’

Are you still hoping he can play a role for you in the Western final or the Grey Cup if it should come to that? “I would like that very much.’’

What about Adarius Bowman and D.J. Flick and the receiving configuration. Are you any further along as far as how that might shake out? “Right now, it’s questionable on D.J. Adarius will probably be in the lineup and I expect that he’ll be in there. If I were going to make a guess, I’d make that guess today.’’

What about Jeremy O’Day? “He has practised for two days. I was anxious to see how he would come in after working out yesterday. He came in and was in good spirits and seemed to be in no pain, and then he practised really well today, so I think he’ll be able to play.’’

Anything to update with Wes Cates? “He didn’t practise again today, but I’m fully confident that he’ll be ready to go when we tee it up on Saturday.’’

What about Lance Frazier? “Lance practised earlier in this practice and went in. Again, I think he’ll be ready to go.’’

Rob Bagg left early, too. It looked like he was clutching his hamstring. “I just spoke with him a minute ago and he said that he was going to practise tomorrow.’’

Thanks zbest for the up-dates on the player/roster spots…too much confusion for me with who will be our starting wideouts …I don’t see how these guys can get on the same page in 3 days…

I go to practice when I can. Want to go everyday but I cant. I know some people never go because of work or where they live. But as a Riders fan this bothers me. Reading everything from practice on here. What if a Lions player comes on here. He call tell Buono who is playing. Who is not playing. Who is practicing at a position. Like Johnson and Smith playing tackles. Lloyd getting hurt in practice. Does this hurt the Riders? I say yes. Wish some people would think before they tell everything they see at practice on here.

Austin I hope your kidding!!