Practice Reports (For game @ Calgary)

Wednesday didn't see any fan reports. It was extremely windy. Check Rider Rumblings for Murray's take.

Dalton Bell is the new QB in town, and Flick, Fantuz, and Cates are doubtful. Chick / Bowman might happen.

Miller's interview from Wed:

Agree with zbest. Charles was good today. That boy is quick. Looks like a young Charles Roberts. Watched Bell the new qb. He didnt get a lot of plays but he can really throw the football. Much stronger arm than Durant and Tate. Durant and Bishop will be pushed by Bell next year. Chick got a lot of time with 1st defence. Not sure about tackling with a cast but Chick looks fast like he always does. Bowman looked good to. He is so big compared to Dressler and Walker and Bagg. If Kitwana Jones is ok I think they might bring Bowman back early not Chick. If Flick isnt ready Riders need Bowman more. But Flick looked pretty good today. Maybe Flick plays against Stamps and the Riders bring Chick back early. Practice tomorrow will say more. Want to see if Kitwana Jones is practicing.

Chick or Adarius is quite the debate, we could seriously use a tall receiver but he has yet to really show the in game prowess that we all expected from what was supposed to be a 1st round NFL draft pick, and our D-line has struggled without Chick playing but how effective will he be with a club for a hand. I wouldn't want to be Miller or Tillman faced with this decision.

Reports now say that Nicholson has a broken fibula as well.

wow how many broken/cracked legs can one team have? ive never seen this. But i really hope Flick is back for this game, is been to long. And i think we bring back chick rather than bowman, we have enough proven receivers dont need any more droppsies

A quote from Tillman in todays leaderpost makes it sound like they are leaning towards Chick. As Bowman will be off the nine game for the first playoff game.