Practice Pics

I went down to watch the Als practice today

[url=] ... e85cad.pbw[/url]

Thanks big guy :thup:

...but how about you share with us your observations.

I'm "officialy" asking Mr. Ro :lol:

a few things

  1. McPherson has one heck of an arm, he was throwing some bombs that were right on target. Heck of a runner as well.....He was slipping through some holes that would have gone for big yards in a real game.

  2. AC has surprising Zip on his passes as well....It doesent look like it on TV or at the games, but when you are as close as I was this afternoon.....WOW

  3. Als fan can PM me for the 3rd observation.......I dont wanna tip off Toronto. :wink:

Thanks ro great to see some pix from practice.