Practice is now closed

As just anounced on the 5th Quarter all practices are now closed to the public.

And that would be a good thing

ironic i thought before they were closed to the players

Who has time to go see a practice? Don't people work in the Hammer?

Then again, maybe there is a bigger issue at play a new secret offence and defensive scheme?

very interested as to why this happened... way to push the fans away.

Was closed last week as well, see how much they improved

Another Wrong Move...
Allowing fans in teaches Fans to be Educated
Very Dispointed..

Is this due to the scouting of other teams? In another thread someone hinted at this type of scenario....a former QB scouting a Ticat practice.

Wish I could recall which thread that was in. It's a recent thread pertaining to tonights game.

bob young was on the fifth quarter radio show and said that marcel desjardins brought in this policy from montreal.

You mean they practice this stuff ???

Montreal has always been suspected of 'espionage'. Desjardins is from Montreal.
Is this confirmation? Discuss.

welcome to Russia before the cold war end..
This is not Montreal it's Hamilton..
Somthing have to change but not all

Okay. It looks like the team is taking a new tack. When Bob came the route was being open and keeping ticket price down. Tonight we've hear that the opposite is the new plan. We'll be secretive and probably raise prices.

Hey- it might work. So far what's been done hasn't helped. I'm not holding my breath about these moves however.

Who the hell would want to steal Rons game plan. :lol:

I always thought it was strange to allow people in to watch the team basically "game plan" for their next opponent.... it's very nature, this stuff should be exclusive to the team only....

If this is what the new GM wants then that's fine with me as he's the one charged with turning this franchise around (football side) and it's got to start at the base level....and then grow from there...

I wouldn't look at this as any kind of slap in the face to fans at all.....the final product on game days is all that matters and clearly, changes have to be made....

this is why the argos win consistently. The argos allow fans to their practices, have practices in the suburbs in 'sauga where fans that cant afford going downtown to watch them, can watch them for free in sauga, argos have a promotion called “see you on the field” where fans get free autographs and meet the argo players and cheerleaders. The argos are classy and never betray their fans, even one game in which they rested their starters, they gave all their fans free tickets to the next game, the argos dont do silly promotions like gold jerseys and white helmets.


Exclusive to the team only?

Funny, never stopped you from blathering on about practices before.

Disagree completely, nobody ever came in here talking about plays or who was doing what at practice (other than yourself). Some people want the chance to follow the team up close and see what they are doing... it also gives us a chance to further our football knowledge and learn the inside outs of football.

I dont think this is a good decision at all... i think if they want to close it to the media thats fine, but if you can show a season ticket and obey those "unwritten rules" you so openly talk about, practice should be open to the fans of this team.

I agree with both sides.

Open practice for the first half ...

Maybe close practice for the second half.

Something simple like that is not ideal ,but gives people something.

There then is only a small area where you are allowed to sit.

nobody ever came in here talking about plays or who was doing what at practice (other than yourself)
Nice cast

I would never describe a play, game plan or anything else important from practice other than "so and so" looks like he's doing good (example:...Maas, Eakin etc)....or the "team" looks upbeat etc.

At any rate, it's not an issue anymore anyhow as practices won't be discussed in any form from now on. I'm good with that.

We've clearly hit rock bottom now so there's nowhere to go but up from here.

go cats!