Practice full out on Monday

Some major shakeups at practice today…

  • Hurl is getting more reps than Kilgore
  • Hughes is practicing
  • Derek Walker is practicing
  • DePalma is practicing
  • Adcock is taking a lot of extra reps
  • Best is eligible for practice, and is, cast and all
  • Moore is practicing
  • Doege and Sunseri splitting duties

A lot of guys coming healthy and off the 6 game in the next 2 weeks…will be interesting to watch for sure.
Will the Riders use Hughes in a FB/RB capacity and boot Ford and put him in that roll now and then?
Who will move into Taj’s spot? Probably DePalma, but I think he still has 1 or 2 weeks on the 6. Schilens? Swain? I hope a Canadian gets a crack. Having another ratio spot options on O would be huge.

Oh, apparently LeGree might be back this week as well.

well some good news finally. Good to hear Best is getting the rust off and LeGree possibly being back is also a plus.

For me, Kilgore sitting in the shadows was the best news.

Well after the previous week blow up at half time, where Chamblain said guys would be looking for jobs if they didn't perform, I don't see the big shake up a surprise. Hopefully the guys off the 6 game that are filling in at practice is a wake up call to all the players. Chamblain didn't have to say anything during the Edmonton game, he just had to follow up his challenge from the Ottawa game...

I would assume Schilens would likely be a depth guy at receiver, and remain on teams as he has done the past few games. I would assume that maybe Depalma would fill Taj's spot if he is practicing. I doubt Hughes or Best will be back this week if it's their first practice since injury... Likely more to get into shape and start getting a feel for the game again after a layoff. LeGree back would be huge IMO... And if Hurl gets in at MLB, it allows room for Adcock on the OL

Have we heard anymore about Pierchalszki? He's a National.... Maybe he could go in for Taj as well.

And did anyone see if Boudreaux was out there and who he may replace (if at all this week)?

Pretty sure none are eligible to play yet, only practice.

According to Taman Durant should be back by October 24 Calgary game. By that time first and second will likely be decided. Is it really worth it at that point in the season?

Depop thanks for the updates from a live practice.

Is Adcock repping in for Xavier..........or on the other side for Heenan?

WR I assume will be Schilens. I have to say they have not really given him a lot of opportunities just yet. Maybe if he can settle in and play regularly we get a better idea if he can answer the bell.

Darian..........just read an update on lulay and very shocked he is opting away from surgery and will maybe try to be back late October. With shoulders he is another hit away from dislocating again. As for can't rush him for sure.

O-line needs to understand the QB's can't get hammered anymore. Doege took a big shot. Best coming back in is huge. We went through this last season and when Best came back it was unbelieveable how the unit performed.

What is the injury.......broken bone? Elbow? Wrist?..........or classified upper body injury.

I also want to see more Messam. I like to think they have held him back a little to get his shoulder right. I hope it is right because him pounding away is great. And for a large guy he can bust longer runs which even hurts a defence more (ie like our D last week that got shredded).

Cornish and his O-line are licking their chops. Tate loves the quick hit read and throw. It will be hard to get to him? But if they can occupy pass lanes and get a few shots on him his accuracy starts to wane.........

From what I have researched on the web about the injury (in general) I would be really worried about DD coming back too soon,, and that means this year... rip it again and he may be done career

As someone who has had 2 tears and played, I can attest that it is really dependent on the surgery required.
1st - I felt 100% after about 5 weeks and was doing full-out workouts, I was lucky.
2nd - the next one (different location) was worse and took me months before I could really try to work out. Once I was working out it seemed to get improve rather fast. It was 10 days from injury to surgery, 6 weeks of basically no use/stress, 2 weeks of mild stress, then escalating from there and being "good to go" about 4.5 months after injury, though it was another couple months before I felt entirely right.
Now, if I focus on it, i can feel the difference. It will never "be the same" though it has never come close to limiting me in anything i've wanted to do, including full on competitive sports.
Others are never the same again.
From day one it has sounded like DD's was on the relatively minor (relatively speaking) side of the procedure spectrum. If there is any doubt...screw the game...just get better. If they are confident, go for it. by now he will be doing an exercise regiment for it (he may already be phasing beyond hand tension exercises) and a week or so of that will give them a really solid idea on how he is progressing.

Oct 24th? Might as well give him the bye week right after as well.

I figure IF he is back for that it would be somewhere between 1 drive (2nd-3rd possession of the game to ensure the line is settled) and 1 quarter of ball to do some light testing and maybe one bigger pass. If all goes well, then a half in the regular season finale.

So looking at the depth chart, and it looks like some of the guys put in at Monday practice will be in the line up against the Stamps.

Depalma and R. Smith in.... Schilens out and Taj on 6 game
Adcock in.... Fulton out
Boudreaux in...... Taylor out....
LeGree in ... For Ford maybe?

Seems like they are putting more guys to defense instead of offence

And I'm not sure who will sit when they cut down to 44...

Looks like they are trying to get quicker at receiver...

Not sure if I like Ford sitting out. He could be a kick returner guy as well....

Friday night football weather! Forecast for Game time will be a few degrees above freezing!

Yeah, no real shocks...I figured Depalma was in for Taj, though I did think he had 1 game on the 6 still. R Smith is a bit surprising.

I think the bigger thing is Ford "injured." With Moore back something had to give, I am simply not entirel sold on Allen, and thought the changeup between the 2 was nice.

Kilgore listed ahead of Hurl...not likely, but interesting.

They need to sit 2 imports, so I would guess Aghayere and Smith or an outseide chance on Green

As far as Taylor...obvious he was sitting out with the pickup, but straight to the 6 game...the IRL is a joke in the CFL

Yes... The IRL is more about saving dough under the salary cap rules... Unfortunately it's the players that suffer under these salary "loop holes"

The players BENEFIT. They still get paid, their salary just doesn't count for that cap. The loop hole is just a fake way to increase the roster size (which also benefits players) and still stay under the cap, which defeats the purpose of having a cap.

The players get paid, but they sure don’t get to play… Aren’t there rules that if you are on the 6 game, you can’t practice either??? How is it a benefit if you can’t play or practice? I think the expanded practice rosters are better…

because at least they get paid for not playing, and can hold out hope for another shot (many get it to). Option B is not playing or getting paid and hoping another team has interest.