Practice days and times?

Just retired today and for the last 37 years have been to all but a handful of the Tiger Cat home games.
One of the guys I work with said why not go to the practices. I never thought of it till now, but why not.
The only thing is although it's probably been posted many time on this site I just never paid any attention to it.
I tried to find that info on the team home page but had no luck. Haven't contacted my ticket rep yet and thought I would ask my fellow fans out there for some help!

•SATURDAY, JUNE 3 Practice: 9:30 a.m. at Ron Joyce Stadium
•SUNDAY, JUNE 4 Practice: 8:30 a.m. at Ron Joyce Stadium
•TUESDAY, JUNE 6 Practice: 9:30 a.m. at Ron Joyce Stadium
•SUNDAY, JUNE 11 Practice: 8:30 a.m. at Ron Joyce Stadium
•MONDAY, JUNE 12 Practice: 9:30 a.m. at Ron Joyce Stadium
•WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14 Practice: 9:30 a.m. at Ron Joyce Stadium

and it updated weekly during the season

Many thanks to EE17 and Mstigercats!

Sounds like a great retirement to me!

It saddens me that with the internet available to the public for well over 20 years now, that people still need to be spoon-fed information that is readily available to anyone.

No offense... but things like this make me sad for the state of humanity. People are getting less self-reliant and capable every day.

I may be mistaken, but was the internet not the vehicle by which this information was obtained?

Yes, and on a spoon.

How could anyone take offence to you equating them with the downfall of society?

If that bothers someone, then I guess the truth hurts.

  1. It was legitimate question, asked in a sensible place, about information that is not presented in the most obvious place (the landing page of

  2. The guy said he just retired after 37 years, so if there's any sweeping generalization to be made, it's about retired people. :cowboy:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats?Verified account @Ticats 2h2 hours ago
UPDATE: The #Ticats have changed Sunday's practice from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at @McMasterU's Ron Joyce Stadium.

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago
Because of weather concerns, #Ticats have moved practice from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. Beat reporter approved.

  1. It's a question that could have been answered by googling "ticat camp schedule", and would have taken less time than making this thread. It's the mentality of working harder to not work, than to actually do the work that sickens me.

  2. It's just as common with youth today. People would rather ask someone else to tell them something, than easily figure it out alone.

Whew, tough crowd on this thread. Hope I never bump into canadianfootballfan if I need help or need directions when I'm in town. Plus I too am retired, so have to avoid safetyblitz as well? :smiley:

"It saddens me that, with the internet available to the public for well over 20 years now," that commonly sought information on the Tiger-Cats is not available, or at least not obviously so, on . Nowhere, that I can see, is an obvious link to the training camp schedule. What If I'm interested in finding information on a player signed a week ago (INT OL Palmer White) .... where do I look? He's not, and never has been, listed on the roster. Looking for Tiger-Cat statistics? Well, just click on "Statistics," at the bottom of the main page, and you'll instantly see them ..... from 2014!
I agree with safetyblitz's comments on the question that started this thread.
Welcome to our chat room, Jim43bob. Please stay with us and Happy Retirement.

The #1 rule for any internet user... google is your best friend and helper, and you don't have to bother people to use it.

canadianfootballfan, With your demeanor, I suspect Google may be your only friend. :wink:

And with these comments is why the TiCat Forums are dead

Don't mistake me taking a strong stance and holding it means I cannot make friends. I have plenty, because I'm a balanced person. The thing with me is that I actually expect more from people, and expect them to be more self-reliant than many.

The purpose of this forum is for fans to share thoughts and opinions on the team - not to ask to be spoon fed things like an infant.

In my life I have enforced the law as a police officer, and defended my nations interests as a soldier in Afghanistan, and I'm certainly no super hero, yet some people can't even find practice info on their own.

Some people are borderline useless, and as a member of the same species that deeply saddens me - as it should.

You sound just like the character "Gwyllm" in the Outer Limits episode "The Sixth Finger" who told the officers "Your ignorance makes me ill and angry". I'm very sorry for your sad life. :cry: