practice dates and times

Why was it that the Als would post their practice dates and times on their site up until this year. Does anyone know when they practice and is it still at St leonard ? Is it open to the pubic ? Maybe one of you PR guys can answer why ? My guess is that the Great Hawkins put a stop to it, guess he doesn't want the rest of us to know what every coach in the CFL already knows...Cannot prep ..cannot adjust cannot communicate....besides that he is great !

The schedule has been continually posted on the website this season. Go to the main page on the website for this week`s or look under the News section for Practice Schedule.

It is still at Stade Hebert. You will probaly run into Johnny and Alphonso.

Sheldon (who is certainly not an Als PR guy these days) :smiley:

They still do. Its on the front page of the site.

pretty sure they still do this also saw it in the app