Practice at Tim Hortons Field

I read that practices will be at our home field finally after almost 3 seasons!
Can anyone from the Ti-Cat staff confirm if practices are still going to be open to the public and if so what times this week

The cats practiced at THF a few times last year as well, even though construction wasn't finished. They were bussed there from Jarvis St. Now they can actually use the facilities at the stadium though.

City workers are busy converting Pan Am Stadium back to Tim Hortons Field today

Goal Posts going up

Pan Am Banner coming down and TiCats Banner ready to go up :thup: :thup:

hope they burn that Toronto sign. how dare they put that rubbish on our beautiful stadium!

Yes I realize they practice there a few times last year, but fans where not permitted in to watch as it was not complete yet! Be nice if someone from the Cats office could answer to when the fans will be able to watch them practice once again!

Ha-ha I agree with Ryan3434 burn that darn Toronto sign, No place for any mention of T.O. in Steeltown,
in the "Cats Cage".

The Pan Am Games were good but now over, lets get on with the CFL in Hamilton at Tim Horton's home of the Tiger-Cats!!


They don't call it the "Big Smoke" for nothing !!! :cowboy: :twisted:

Jeff Reinebold ?@Jeff_Reinebold 36m36 minutes ago Hamilton, Ontario

Good to see proof the team is actually moving in after all that time :thup: :smiley:

Needs more smoke. And some sinking into Lake Ontario action

i just read Steve Milton's article stating that the Cats will be practicing Thursday at their permanent home, one they'll be able to even change at. :slight_smile:

i'm off tomorrow and would love to be there. did anyone hear if it'll be open to the fans? it would be a fun time if we could. it's been a long time in coming for everyone.

Just read it too. The end of the Pan Am's let's the Cats return home and Steve return to writing, so well, about the team.
Here's the link:

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well i found out the answer, no open practice this week. :frowning:

unfortunately, practice will not be open to the public this week. Hope to see you at the game on Monday!

I know it's all in fun but I find this image a bit disturbing and reminiscent of September 11, 2001.

Not even close! That's like trying to compare Hamilton escarpment to the Rockies deisel!

They are on the field at their closed practice at THF

mia gordon ?@miawgordon 3m3 minutes ago
It’s a beautiful day as the @Ticats get to practice at home for the first time this season! #timhortonsfield #ticats

Here's a story, from spring of last year, on the new K/P the Cats have added to the P.R. today. From what I can find, it appears that he made it through the Falcons' 2014 mini-camp and was released midway through their '14 training camp. Can't find anything about him after that.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 14m14 minutes ago
The #TIcats are getting healthy: DT @tedlaurent, DE @ENorwood40 & WR Luke Tasker all practicing fully today. :thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin:

fantastic news… :thup: :thup:

Norwoods probably feeling a little heat from Tracey so he’ll bring it on Monday. the Hitman Hickman was unstoppable vs the RumpRiders, Laurent is the where it all starts and Luke is flat out fearless…

crush those Arhols

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 3m3 minutes ago
#TIcats WR Luke Tasker just made a catch where he turned 180 degrees to find the football, then hauled it in with one hand.

Ticats hold first practice of the season at Tim Hortons Field

[b]The Ticats are practicing at Tim Hortons Field for the first time this season and the team has moved into the facility permanently. The facility is still under the control of the Pan Am Games for a few days and there’s plenty of activity as workers take down the PanAm signage and restore the Tim Hortons and Ticats’ branding. There is still some work to be done to finish a few things…

Hamilton has added international kicker Sergio Castillo, who played in one pre-season game with the Atlanta Falcons last season after a career at West Texas A&M. Current Ticat place kicker Justin Medlock and punter Hugh O’Neill are healthy and I don’t think there are concerns surrounding their recent performance so it’s possible that the Ticats just want to get a look at Castillo, who was likely on their negotiation list.

The Ticats are getting healthy: Canadian defensive tackle Ted Laurent, receiver Luke Tasker, defensive end Eric Norwood and linebacker Frederic Plesius are all practicing fully today and, based on what I saw at practice today, are likely to play Monday versus Toronto. The Ticats also appear to have gotten through last Sunday’s win versus the Riders with no significant injuries.

This happened yesterday but is still worth mentioning… the league fined Brandon Banks for his late hit near the goal line in the game versus Saskatchewan. In addition to the fine for Banks, the penalty cost the team 15 yards and, quite likely, four points… which could have been devastating, given that the Ticats trailed at the time.[/b]

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