Practical Solution to 'Rider Kicking Situation

There is a very practical solution to the 'Riders' current kicking situation (which seems to be driving everyone crazy)

  • but to understand it, you've got to read to the very end of this post - and for it
    to work, the 'Riders (including their front office) must not only recognize it but also take some action before it's too late -

The days of having a Canadian do a kicking job just because he's a Canadian are over for the teams that are truly dedicated to winning in the CFL [pointed out by a post by someone else in the CFL forum not long ago - Edmonton has an import punter, Winnipeg has both an import punter and an import kicker, and Montreal has an import (Duvall) punting and kicking]

This year's additional import slot almost has to be a special teams player (due to CFL "ratio" rule)

As we all know, the CFL has only three downs, so a team (even a good team) is going to punt a bunch each season (as much or more than it is going to score), and a team can't neglect this area [by filling its punting position with less than the best available (whether import or non-import)] and expect to win "big" (that is what the front office and coaches say they are dedicated to, right?)

To make 'Rider special teams as good as they can possibly be, each kicker involved with the process should being doing what he can do best - (this has to be the rule if you are truly dedicated to winning "big") - now applying this rule to current personnel -

The two 'Rider rookie kickers are better kickers than punters [a post on another forum some time ago said that one of them netted something like 27 yards a punt in college (which is not good)] - so they should both realistically be competing for the kicking job

Sciortino (another good kicker who does not punt well) will most likely be cut by BC in the near future and should be available

The other Canadians available (such as Kellett) are also better kickers than punters (except for O'Mahony, and if the 'Riders are going there, they might as well fold their cards and turn in their chips)

If you're waiting for Jon Ryan to come from the NFL, keep in mind that by the time he gets cut (if he gets cut at all), the 'Riders' season could be in the can (and this front office and coaching staff most likely with it)

There are currently better import punters available than import kickers [because the NFL and Arena leagues snap up the really good kickers (and even some bad ones) - there is no punting in all of those arena leagues, so naturally more good punters are available (and better than any Canadians available to punt)]

And if you're lucky enough to find a decent (at best) import kicker for field goals, you're only adding to something you've already got or can get in Canada with a Canadian player

SOLUTION: Bring in a good import punter and let the Canadians compete for the placekicking job - that will take some of the pressure off the two rookies [when one Canadian does all three, it never fails that at least one of the three phases (kicking, punting or kicking off) suffers considerably] - and which one (import punter or Canadian kicker) kicks off best can do the 'Rider kickoffs (and you've got a built-in backup at all three phases in case of injury) - and if both of the two rookies are not ready and don't win the kicking job, put the best of those two on the developmental squad for a year - this way, the 'Riders will have a strong kicking game which can compete with the top teams in the league this year

This is not the "old CFL" of yesterday where you can compromise one-third of the game (the kicking game) and expect to win "big" anymore - if a team has to make cuts to take this approach, then cut some third or fourth string receiver who is not going to play much anyway - some teams will realize this sooner than others

It's a little scary how much sense this makes (and it's very scary for the 'Rider faithful that the team hasn't already reached the same conclusion and done it)

The real solution is to set a hard salary cap that would benefit the small market teams. Maybe around 3-3.5 million and if you live within your means, you can replace two Canadian positions with Americans. For team that go over, let say every 100,000 over the cap , that means you have to dress an extra Canadian.

I am not trying to get down on Canadian talent but imagine if US NHL teams had to dress 10 american players for each game.

I think the Stamps would have thought twice about giving Burris 400,000 if you have to rush out and sign Patrick T-Bow and Kamal Peterson to make ratio.

An even better solution to the salary cap issue would be to simply not let the teams go over - if your team is over the salary cap, you don't play. That sounds pretty black and white to me. Being over the salary cap isn't an issue in the NFL or the NHL, but I'm not sure what there consequneces are for going over it.

WHAZZUP to Changeup - you been reading my post - you said it better than i could - maybe blokes in Rider front office will read it - probably not - CFLis changing and they seem stuck in past - but they got company - a few other teams seem just as backward - manage teams like they have eternal job security - but they will all wont to know WHAZZUP when this dawns on them - question is - will it be too late?

Personally, i'd rather have a non import kicking, and say use the import spot at something that is going to be a hell of alot more useful. yeah american guys can kick farther, but right now, we have had a canadian kicker and punter so if we change the ratio, which american do we sit?

WHAZZUP to Jamie Rensby - its simple - you get rid of a third or fourth string import who is not going to play much anyway (like a receiver or somebody whose not going to be on the field much) - like Changeup pointed out, why would a team let a third of their game (kicking) take a serious hit for the sake of keeping a third or fourth stringer - doesnt make much sense does it - and this kind of decision is not much of a hill for climbers who are looking at the big picture of a team!!! So will the RIders do it? Hint - they dont climb too well

Sounds like all 3 of the guys in TC can kick field goals and have ok distant on kick offs. That just leaves punting and with the new no yards rule I think you will see the punting average drop.

It’s not going to be how far they can kick, but what sort of hang time and how accurate they are. If you out punt your cover team it could be 7 the other way.

whazzup rider fans - good start for rookie kickers yesterday - but long term solution still same like changeup sets out - look at production when pressure built toward end of game - rooks began to struggle more - import punter (NFLer) got off two massive punts for Esks in last quarter -

whazzup rider faithful -
big win last weekend
but dont look now
what was predicted by
bloke changeup is already coming true -
after two regular season matches
punting Rank - last in CFL :cry: :cry:
kickoff Rank - next to last :cry:
everyone else in west using two kickers
risk too high not to do same -
what do they see rider brass cant seem to :o

Dr.Rise to whazzup
Maybe what they should do is take a lesson from Wally Buono and the BC Lions and dress three kickers who are only a very slight improvement over Congi in parts of the kicking and worse in others. That sounds like a great idea!!! Or we can have one non import do all three relatively well considering his rookie status and free up one or two extra roster spots. Our punt team is very good at preventing any run back so although his punting average is overly high, his net yardage is pretty decent. Keep in mind most of his punts on Sunday were against a pretty stiff breeze. Pikula was fortunate to punt mostly with the wind. As far as I am concerned I think the 'rider brass' is doing best for this team and Congi's confidence by having only one.

Go Riders!!

The rider are middle of the pack for net punting, which is really what matters. Kickoffs still need some work.

But basing anything on two games is crap. Kicking is situational. Which is better kicking the ball 60+ yards for the single or kicking it 55 and pinning the other team inside their 10. Not to mention where you are playing indoors vs outdoors, in a dome.

Whazzup DrRise and Hershel

when is being near the bottom of CFL in punting and in middle in kickoffs good enough to win in CFL west this year? riders need to be above pack not in it

in west this year field position will have to be maxed to win and punts and kickoffs very important

three other west teams have at least two doing kicking jobs (BC has three)

rider rookie is good on field goals but riders can use some help on punting and maybe kickoffs - numbers say youre turning head to obvious

team has disaster waiting to happen if rookie gets hurt

sorry but pikula put egg on rider face last weekend punting (now on top of league) averaged 10 yards higher than riders on punts

give up 10 yards a punt over the course of a season and see where it gets team

but whatever happens - even if 3-7 or worse -just dont bring in import to help

I think your kind of missing Hershel's point because its not all about about getting the longest punt, or leading in the stats. For example pikula's longest punt of the day which bumped his average up nicely was not that good. Dorsey let it bounce into the endzone for a single point. It was around a 50-60 yard punt but we still ended up with the ball on the 35

exactly!! Not to take away from what was a very good outing for a rookie in windy regina, Pikula had one maybe to singles where Congi had at least two inside the ten.

The other big thing is not out kicking your cover team. Congi seems good at mixing hang time and distance

hear what youre saying blokes

question is - what are you setting your standards for? trying to make riders feel better for not keeping Pikula? or competing with teams who are taking new approach to kicking game in CFL?

youre losing five to ten yards every punt exchange

this is not your daddy's CFL - and chopping into one-third of your game for sake of ratios like in past wont cut it anymore

riders better get rookie some help

or you can call me back when youre out of playoffs

okay i forgot - not to worry because theres always crossover because Hamilton tends to be consistently bad and just as mismanaged - theyve finally gotten an import kicker to replace their "linebacker were going to make a kicker" project they many times told everybody would work for last two years (sound familiar)

Herschel to Whazzup

Glad to see some there are a few people on this forum that can back up there opinions instead to just spouting off insults

I do see your point, but i dont think by the end of the season the stats are going to back you. Congi will be top 3 in net yards on punting.

lets see, nost of Congi punts were into the wind and BC's were with the wind....

Plus Congi tended to avoid the single point for field position.

Plus we had an American in camp, but both Canadians were better.

The only person that needs to be nervous is PM as BC just might think a cheaper and younger Canadian might be better to have around.