Prachae Rodriguez to start at WR against the Stamps

According to the depth chart posted on

Funny that he's starting after being a "maybe, with a little work".

They need something to kick start a passing attack that has yet to score a TD through the air.

An Argo-Cat fan

Kick start?

So you kick start your passing offence by bringing in a receiver with no CFL experience and a guy that is supposed to be a project?

Not sure I understand this and I doubt he'll make any difference, but I guess it doesn't hurt to give the guy a chance.

I share your skepticism but the guys who have played so far haven't managed an aerial TD in 3 games and that includes KP!! That's an incredible statistic--three games and not a single passing TD.

I just think that a new face can't hurt. It's not like Taafe will be breaking up any Danny Mac-Darren Flutie type combinations here. :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

Look, the coaches aren't stupid (at least they have not done anything this year to make us believe that). Obviously they see something in him, or they wouldn't start him.

I'm sure after a few dropped balls, you'll be seeing Cohen right back in there.

We can do three games without a passing TD standing on our head. Didn't we go like 6 consecutive games without any kind of TD last year?

You're right though....never woulda thought Casey would have a goose egg in the passing TD department after three games and I guess moving Cohen out isn't a huge deal. We'll see what happens.

I hope not. We can't have dropped passes tonight or any other game. However if it does happen then I think you're right.

BTW, never said the coaches were stupid. I think Rodriguez is in tonight as a result of lack of options. I think they're giving him a chance regardless if he's "ready."

It's his speed to stretch the D that he brings to the table. He needs game time. So why not now?

Doesn't Cohen have the same speed? I thought stretching the D was his job?

Oh well, if he's not getting it done then "why not" give Rodriguez a chance. I agree.

Really it doesn't make a difference. I think we have a bunch of guys that can go in and out at that one receiver spot and you won't really notice a difference.

I watched 2/3 Cat games this year, and Cohen has pretty much not existed on the field. Miles, Woody, Bauman, Mitchell - these guys are making plays and deserve to keep playing. Cohen...well, Rodriguez can't be any worse anyways...

Supposedly Rod. is the fastest on the team. How can a guy get a experience he can't play?

Obviously he has to play to gain experience. No arguments there.

As for saying Rodriguez can't be any worse than Cohen, how do you know that? I'm not saying Cohen is a better option either but the guy has only played three games. It's not like he's peaked and we know everything about him.

Anyways, I'm not trying to defend anyone or question our coaching decisions.....I honestly don't think this makes a difference at all.

watch him go after Dwight Anderson....can you say "mismatch" Prachae's 6'5" tall

I wasn't refering to better or worse skill-wise. It was more a comment regarding better or worse as far as overall effect on the offense. Cohen has not YET been prominent, so trying a different player will either be equally ineffective, or more effective. Don't know yet, but eager to find out tonight!

Prechae Rodriguez, 6'5"
Chris Bauman, 6'4"
Scott Mitchell' 6'3"

Dwight Anderson, 5'11"
Calvin Bannister, 5'8"
Brandon Smith, 5'10"

Brandon Browner is the only one with height to him at 6'3" so we should have some mismatches out there.

Then again you could be 4'10" with a 40" vertical and 6'5" wouldn't matter to much :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Also Calgary's receivers are Jermaine Copeland, Nik Lewis, Ken-Yon Rambo, and Brett Ralph with a 5th receiver being Ryan Thelwell. So we need all the help we can get from our offense because we all know our defense can not hold off that group of talent for very long.

I predict a decent game from Rodriguez. I am going to say 4 receptions for approx. 70 yards.