With a few new injuries we have 9 on PR...........2 are the local non counters. So there is plenty of room on PR to restock with 4-5 NFL cuts. The PR also grows to 12-14 here right away.

So O'day and the scouts should be really busy trying to sign some bodies. Guys on neg list I sure they are watching closely.

Have not seen it or read it. Heard Jones (OL) was cut. He'll look around for 10 days like any FA for further NFL chances but his agent will also be tapping CFL to set the stage if he decides to return. This is the player we passed over for Watman.............and I want to see Watman play more and if he flops.............move on.

Riders have loads of cap space and they need to take a huge run at this player. He can play guard or centre and I would install him at centre because he is the upgrade we need there. I am not sold on Dan Clark as long term solid centre. I think he's there cause we didn't have an alternative (likely Picard got let go one year too early......Taman move).

Our OL is back to 3 Nationals and 2 imports. One of our imports right now (Randy Richards) appears to be quite a selfish individual and he will have to play amazingly well to quiet me down. He took an unnecessary roughness in Ottawa and of course the clothesline on Tim Brown (game ejection). That in two games............see ya!

The rebuild starts with National OL. Jones would be an immense boost to this requirement.

O'Day is past centre and might speak this kids language.
Jones is from Saskie (we might get a Homer call).
$$$ we have lots to toss at him and he'll be in the $200K range.

0-9 destination.
No HC and GM right now.............basically no mans land to decide about your next 3-4 years of career
Calgary...........I am sure he has some loyalty and I assume the Stamps treated him well.
Calgary wants this kid back likely more than we want him. He can immediately compete for GC run

I don't like our chances landing him but the pursuit needs to be done aggressively. Maybe we get an early Christmas gift. So O'Day is pressed hard right now to get results. We'll see how he does.

I agree but I doubt you get Jones in that 200 k neighborhood, he aint going to slum it. 225-250k range is probably more like it.


Hadn’t heard that with Jones. I heard he was on the edge of being cut and then a C ahead of him got hurt.

Name to watch IMO…Brian Peters. Unlikely to stick…immediate signing and cut Harris IMO, though it doesn’t hurt the line. I don’t think Heenan will be around the CFL until at best 2016

Ah ha..........I kind of forgot about Peters. Yes sir...........wait and see how he makes out but the cuts will be rolling very soon.

Ian Wild playing for Steelers. He's a bubble to make it. I follow the Steelers and their media insiders like this kid and his name has been mentioned from time to time in a good way............that is another MLB candidate.

We need some health:

  1. need Doughty back...........he needs the games and we need to evaluate him to see if he is the future.
  2. Walker............get healthy
  3. Tyree Hollins..........get healthy.

tough to evaluate these kids when they are on the IR.

Yeah...I know they like Peters, but not this last weekend but the week before he had a poor game

Wonder if Brian Peters has been contacted...and if he would be looking at the option and grimacing. The Canadian dollar is not helping to sign guys either

can’t they negotiate the contract in US$ (although that’s not good for us :frowning: )?

They never would. The potential fluctuation would kill the books

I was thinking along the lines of NHL contracts, but that’s an “international” league, so US$ contracts are standard for Canadian teams. So, yea, with CFL being exclusively Canadian, there’s no “need” to use US$.

Not according to O’Day.

my understanding is that a lot of contracts were front end loaded ?

Latest press release R LaQuan Williams added to PR

[url=] ... ember-29th[/url]

yeah…i pointed it out on the Richards trade thread when someone pointed out that it looked like Miller was gone…Miller out, LaQuan signed…he was in spring camp. they also released Norzil…which I thought was a little odd…perhaps Getz is coming back next week.