PR Ins & Outs - Oct. 6th

From CFL Transactions - Oct. 6:
Samuel Fournier has been moved from Injured to the PR.
Willie Thornton is back, again, on the PR
Conte Cuttino, Ludovic Kashindi, and Scott Mayle have all been released. (All were on the PR)
With the month long period of expanded PR Rosters starting now, with a maximum of 12 players, the Cats have 7 open spots.

Of interest elsewhere, Damon Duval has been put on the Als' Injured List and they've brought in another IMP kicker.

The whole Willie Thronton deal is a little odd.

Saw a couple videos of players at the workout from this past week.Those players were B.J. Hall QB 6'3 200 lb's and Travis Williams DB.

Someone made a posting on the Spectator "Scratching Post" blog that he was at practice today and heard from a "source" that Cuttino will be back next year at training camp. If that's the case, then I would assume that Cuttino was "released" to make room on the practice roster for more potential players. It also indicates that the team seems to be content with Cobb for the remainder of this season. Obie has promised that he will use the expanded practice roster to shore up more DB's, which is so desperately needed. We'll see if this "strategy" pays off for Obie!

why did we cut our only other rb?
I really hope this team has a plan…

8) I would venture to say, that if Mr. Cuttino showed anything during his workouts with the Cats, then he is still being paid
  to hang around town, in case he is needed before the end of the season !!

Cobb didn't start to perform until Cuttino got here. Not having a backup RB in October makes me a wee bit nervous.

Someone else arrived (back from injury) around the same time as Cuttino - Jimenez. You never know, that could also have something to do with Cobb's improvement. As well as playing against a couple of banged-up defences.

And you mean not having a backup to the backup, right? We still have Thigpen as well, don't we? And yes, I agree that it would be good to have an extra backup there. Unless Boltus comes off the injury list, and they convert Porter into a running back. Hmmmm.... :wink: (Can't see it happening, can't see Porter agreeing to it, but imagine the option plays we would have.)

Make that 6 open spots.

I guess you completely forgot about Thigpen. He has had more than a few carries this year.

It seems like some don't actually pay attention to who is in the game.

more than a few...
he has run the ball 11 times all year.

I haven't forgotten about Thiggy but get the sense the club doesn't see him as a RB.

Ockham, forgive me for pointing this out, but REALLY, the coaches and the GM feel that we have a good RB in Cobb. You don’t share that thought…that’s OK… but again, REALLY, do you have to throw this out in every thread?

If there was a better RB available, and it made sense, we would have him. “Better is better” but honestly, if this team plays together as a team at it’s full potential, I think we can make it to “the dance”.

Let’s get behind this team and cheer our lungs out tomorrow. One game at a time. One win at a time!

You mean the coaching staff doesn't see thiggy as a RB. No surprise, these coachs seem to have a real issue with assessing players.
I say put thiggy in with cobb and watch the options open up. Especially with the new improved O line with jiminez in there.

I get the sense that the club sees him as the backup RB. They have used him a few times. His performance was similar to Cobb’s before Cobb’s recent good games, and his pass blocking was not as good. If Cobb goes down with an injury, I’m sure they would start using Thigpen.

Plus the fact that Thigpen has been listed as Cobb's backup on the depth chart for every single game this season.

As per Drew Edwards, we're adding former Eskie's RB A.J. Harris to the PR and will join the team in practice next week.Good signing IMO, he was pretty solid with the Esk's.

Not sure why it is taking so long to fill up the practice roster positions. Maybe they just haven't updated the website. At this point we have some holes to fill in, and we need to do it soon to be ready for the playoffs. We need some better DBs if we are going to go anywhere this year. Let's get some in camp and improve the roster. I'm not sue I'm convinced on our short yardage unit, although we seem to be a little better as of late.


Forgive me for pointing this out but we're not talking about Cobb. Thigpen is the backup RB on paper but my point is the team doesn't see him as a RB. His role seems to be kick returner.

OK...I'll give you that, when I see you acknowledge that Cobb is our RB. :wink: