PR - Box J Boys Pledge To Name Section in New Pan Am Stadium

We fully understand the brand name that the "Box J Boys" have become in Hamilton and across the CFL. Heck, we even went as far as registering "Box J Boys" as a trademark.

We have always said we are Tiger-Cats fans first and we go to CFL games across this country because we love the game. And I'm sure the same can be said for the other great fans across the CFL who support their team with as much passion as we do.

We have said, as soon as we start selling the "Box J Boy" brand. It takes the fun out of being a fan and now makes it like work. And we do enough of that during the week.

We need a few hours a week to forget our worries and become part of the "Ticat Collective" who's only wish is a Ticat victory.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Good for Box J Boys !!!

:lol: :thup:

I would like to pledge for the right to establish a special section in the proposed new Pan Am stadium as well. No cash will be involved - I would like to barter in bags of acorns. I would like it to be named Box Henny Penny (or Box HP for short, assuming Hewlett-Packard has no issues with that). If stadium design allows, it should be placed beneath a roofed or covered section, which should be painted bright blue with some nice puffy white clouds. Just after half time, a single acorn will drop. Now, I cannot guarantee this, but the person who is hit by the acorn should be given the opportunity to inform the mayor that the sky is about to fall.

I think it will be quite popular with a few fans. :wink:

From what I can see from the artist renditions of the proposed stadium at WH, box J looks like it will be right over about 200 barrels of unknown chemicals. So ok, cool with me. 8)

Good on you guys. This is pretty cool. Hope your crew continues to get bigger--- and rowdier!!

Wow! Awhole $1000 ! Yuz guys are so awhesom doods!

Well that's really admirable that you guys don't give in to any urge to "cash in" on your brand, good for you guys. I would still encourage you guys to "sell out" for this one occasion however. Because you wouldn't be selling the brand, you'd be donating it for charity. :thup:


Just wanted to shamelessly bump this up. As our offer to pay for a Box J Section Naming rights is still out there... :rockin:

The Boys help Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Humane Society, and Hamilton's Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre through CFL Fans Fight Cancer. As well as being regular participants in Movember (which is coming up BTW!

As a matter of fact if you want to join in helping help those in Hamilton fighting or helping a loved one fight cancer.
Wellwood volunteers, some of our family members and the Box J Boys as members of CFL Fans Fight Cancer will be volunterring and selling Ticat/Ivor Wynne Stadium Commemorative scarves, bottle coozies and bandana's at the last game with a portion of the proceeds generously being donate directly by the Ticats to the Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre here in Hamilton.

The money raised goes directly to helping provide free service to people with cancer and supporting their families.
Thanks for our help and see you at the final game at Ivor Wynne Stadium!

We love our game, team, city our fellow citizens and country and ya can't blame us for trying to keep the Box J tradition alive.
It is kinda fun!

I think it will be great PR by the Ticats - they may not be able to name a new section Box "J" for other events like the soccer, concerts etc that's the city's responsibility but what about an "unofficial" Box J for Ticat games?
I'm sure these guys will be given season ticket priority as a group by the Ticats.

Thanks Mikem:
The reality is we are season ticket fans like everyone else. While we are talking with the Cats about reserving a block, there is no guarentee of anything.

I would like to think though that all long time season ticket holders will have a chance to get seats in a geographically similar location to where they were in Ivor Wynne. What I'm saying is, if you were sitting a few rows behind the Ticats bench in IWS, you get a chance to have tickets behind the Ticats bench in the new stadium. Will they be the same row, and seat number. Probably not, but it's not unreasonable to ask for a similar location and sight line as well as sitting beside long time friends who you've watched the game together with for years.

There are a large number of groups of people not only the Box Eh Men and Box J Boys, who look forward to the games to see each other. I'm sure the Cats realize this and will do what they can to maintain that chemistry and community.
Now this is only my opinion and is based on just what I think. I have no info from the Cats to support this, only faith in the organziation.

That's my two cents.

It wouldn't be the same without a Box J...
Good luck boys!

From the Chirper in Row 1, Box I

from the Drew Edwards, scratching post today

On a positive note, Ticats president Scott Mitchell said via Twitter today that there will be a Box J in the new stadium. Certainly, the "Sec. 23 Boys" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.