PR announced

.......Chris Davis WR....Jerry Ralph Jules DB......Chris Kowalczuk OL.....Merill Johnson LB.....Jamayal Smith WR.....Bernard Hicks LB.......Glad to see Davis and Hicks accepting Practice Roster spots.... they have some serious talent.. :thup:

Are these all the guys that accepted or offered because im really surprised Dimichelle wasnt on that list but there allowed 9 right? so maybe there's more to come

The limit is 7 but is expanded to 12(?) later in the season after the NFL cuts start.

I'm not surprise AD isn't on it. I checked his Facebook page the other day and he had his current location listed as Pittsburgh so it looks like he went home as soon as he was released.

I was really hoping for Chris Davis, Bernard Hicks, Chris Kowalczuk, and Scott McHenry... 3 out of 4 aint bad though.

Looking at the actual active roster of Winnipeg,there are 47 players-1 above the limit-,i.e.26 imports and 21 non-imports.Forming this total of 47 are: 3 QB,5 RB/FB,7 WR/SB,9 OL-1 is LS-,7 DL,7 LB,7 DB/CB and 2 K/P.


Carlton Medder shows up on the roster but he's actually on the disabled list.

Thank you for the information.


I would expect the roster to change a little by Friday with injuries and so on, it is rumoured that Chris Davis is more than likely to be the KR/PR on Friday. Suber is also a contender for the KR/PR job but if Stewart is still injured than Suber will be starting in his place.

On the bright side, we have some very good player's on the PR, player's that can step into the starting offense or defense right away, if needed!!

McHenry's a green Rider now....

Although a weird thing - we signed him, and then put him on our practice roster. I had it in my head if a team signed a waiver player they had to put him on the 46 man roster. Or is that only for other PR players?

I believe that applies only if a team signs a guy off someone else's PR.