POY vote on now

Beat the green machine

[url=http://poy.tsn.ca/4-cflpoy2014/match/108-weston-dressler]http://poy.tsn.ca/4-cflpoy2014/match/10 ... n-dressler[/url]

Let's get it done! I'm tired of Riders always winning online polls.

GO SPEEDY GO!!! :rockin:

BTW, don't worry about a repetitive strain injury, as Speedy puts his entire body on the line for us every game.


we're losing ground fast.....KEEP IT GOING CAT NATION.

Speedy B is ahead by 600 votes thus far!

Unlike the fine denizens of Saskatchewan who have nothing else to do, especially now that the fields are covered with snow, some of us have this little thing that gets in the way of spending all day on the Internet called... WORK !!! :slight_smile:

Come on guys. We're behind

I voted for half an hour and the votes for Banks are 1,750 behind. For the past 15-20 mins, I am the only voter for either player. Get it going Ticat fans!

Come on guys we need a big push here.

I'm still here! 5 tabbing

Voting on two devices and we are losing ground.

Spread the word!

I sure hope reinforcements are coming soon!!!

I was expecting a surge with afternoon shift ending. Nada. 12:25 and down by12,400. Need a real boost

if everyone opens 3 windows each (3 votes per 5 seconds) we can do this for Banks.

a wrench needs to be thrown into the Green Machine once and for all.