Powerr Rankings

That will make a great bridge for my song where I sing about the sad sad tears of Calgary fans because no one likes Bo

Week Three in the books.

  1. B.C. - Still #1 on my list. Is Nathan Rourke headed for the NFL? People will be talking.

  2. Calgary - 1 - 4 to start last season, 3 - 0 to start this season. Playing well.

  3. Montreal - will kill Saskatchewan again this week

  4. Winnipeg - Feasting on the East, combined record of opposition 0 - 5

  5. Ottawa - Lets see what they do against BC

  6. Edmonton - better

  7. Saskatchewan - Injuries and finger pointing are taking over. Did O'Day do enough?

  8. Toronto - tied for first in the East

  9. Hamilton - might have been a quiet ride home.

Agree where cow town is in your standings but they are far from playing well on O is also true.

That must have been hard for you to move the Bombers up 3 spots to #4.