Powerr Rankings

Slightly different from CFL Power Rankings

  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Ottawa
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Hamilton
  9. Edmonton
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It's pretty hard to get a good sense of who the good and bad teams are when it's basically preseason week 3 though. My take:

  1. Winnipeg
  2. BC
  3. Sask
  4. Calgary
  5. Ottawa
  6. Montreal
  7. Hamilton
  8. Toronto
  9. Edmonton



Gotta see Tor play before ranking them

!st time I agree with you - this for sure deserves a :laughing:


Only east team not to have lost a game. Potentially an advantage that will later equal out.

Could be that the 380 yds Masoli put up against the Bombers was a blip but an argument could be made that Ottawa was the better team.

I would be surprised if the Bombers don't stick with the same lineup so we'll see if Rose and Glass have better games. If not that could be trouble.

That space between everyone else and Edmonton feels appropriate

Gonna be real tough to nail it down this week, everyone will have different rankings.

WPG/Sask Both still onn top, but both showing weaknesses
CGY I really think they are average, but they have pulled out 2 wins
Tor/BC either could be #2 by next week
Ham Should have won vs stamps, will be tough test for WPG
Ott/Mont/Edm all 3 are 0-2, but could easily be 1-1

Overall no real weak sister, I think any team can beat any team on any night. Don't remember when there was so much parity. Could have alot of movement in the next couple weeks.

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Yeah and if ifs and buts were candys and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas. The power rankings gotta reflect who is winning and losing as well. Like great Edmonton ALMOST won at home so should they rocket up in the power rankings... probably not. While I agree most of the teams had a better showing than week one I don't think there was significant improvement/devolving on any team this week. Winnipeg

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BC played one game against a very disorganized Elks team who has not won a game not sure how you can make them 2nd

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Might as well try helping out 3DN once again.

  1. BC deserves a little basking in the sun. If they can beat Toronto...

  2. Calgary is good and you just saw it. Scary that they had no running back and can be better.

  3. Sask is next only because they have won the first two. Not sure they have the depth to deal with injuries.

  4. Hamilton looked much better in a tough loss. Ship is back on course.

  5. Toronto next game will tell us more.

  6. Montreal is going to kill Saskatchewan this week. Possibly

  7. Winnipeg will talk about the record without looking at the games. Dark sky on the horizon.

  8. Montreal won't be here for long.

  9. Edmonton has no where to go but up. Too bad they run into the Stamps next.

OKay why in the world does BC have top billing after playin one game against a team that has a new system, coaches and new players gets beat by them. Before you put them on a pedestal at least wait until they play a game where the competion is tough

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It’s just Carlos exhibiting his partisanship and trying to rile people up. There was no attempt at an honest ranking. You will note that he has Sask at 5 and Winnipeg at a laughable 7, with the team they just beat twice at 6. I am going to continue to ignore the bait.


3DN just released theirs for 06/20

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. B.C.
  4. Calgary
  5. Ottawa
  6. Toronto
  7. Hamilton
  8. Montreal
  9. Edmonton

"insert sad Elks crying here"


Now the new power rankings are even more stupid. Mind you I really do not believe in them all that much. Toronto won one game and they are a head of the stamps who won 2 like the other teams above TO this is just plain dumb sorry.

Again why is BC 3rd and Calgary 4th BC has only won one game

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:wink: but seriously Calgary barely won against Hamilton that was not a great first half in any stretch of the imagination. I'm actually surprised Toronto isn't ahead of them in this ranking too.

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no reason to put them lower yet. Too soon to know either way

I still have them #1

Toronto should have lost. They should be between 5 and 8