Power tripping Refs

I watched the TiCat, BC game and seen more flags than at UN headquarters,it was annoying and boring.Coach Austin had to throw a challenge flag on a common sense interferance call against the Lions and ofcource he won the challenge but the entire game was anti Hamilton as usual as the Ref decided to make it his own little game against the Cats.With Hamilton being the most penalized in the league we have to ask;When will the Refs trash attiude and mind game stop against the Cats?

Got the question wrong.

When will the Ticats stop taking dumb penalties?

Refs don't hate us, when did we turn into Oakland Raiders fans?

Edit: Kudos for the UN line by the way, definitely using that in the future :lol:

Since this is a duplicate post from the main thread, I'll duplicate my response here.

Can we get a thread lock on this? Seriously, refs get reviewed after every game and more then enough grief well before the spectre of team bias raises it's ugly head. Everyone is getting penalized this season like crazy, accept it and move on.

Or at least merged into one of the existing threads complaining about the number of penalties this year?


the ticats seem to be taking more penalties than most teams, most have them are correct with a few questionable ones. The no call on the pass interference play where Austin had to challenge is where you could question the refs, that was a little obvious and the ref was right there to see it. Hopefully the ticats will play more within the rules and the refs won't miss too many calls, we can only hope.