Power tripping Refs

I watched the TiCat, BC game and seen more flags than at UN headquarters,it was annoying and boring.Coach Austin had to throw a challenge flag on a common sense interferance call against the Lions and ofcource he won the challenge but the entire game was anti Hamilton as usual as the Ref decided to make it his own little game against the Cats.When will this trash stop?


when will this trash stop :roll:


All together now -

Ohhh I've been Cheated - been mistreated ...........

Sorry - I just couldn't resist

Can we get a thread lock on this? Seriously, refs get reviewed after every game and more then enough grief well before the spectre of team bias raises it's ugly head. Everyone is getting penalized this season like crazy, accept it and move on.

How many flags did you "seen"?

Bit of a delayed reaction on this don't you think?
Almost a week later and you now decide to post this? :?

I'm no fan of CFL officials, but power tripping? Seriously?? :lol: :lol: :lol: If there were officials "power tripping" we would never know. At the pro level you call the game the way the league wants or you get no more assignments.

Absolutely there is a major problem with the way the game has been officiated this season, but put the blame where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the league. The officials are just doing what they are told and until the league decides it's a problem they will continue to throw flags on every play if they want to continue to officiate in the CFL.

Gee, I don't know, why don't you place the blame where it really belongs....on the players that commit these infractions?

Crazy, eh?

You really believe that infractions are up so much because the entire league forgot how to play within the rules? Or maybe because the league changed the standards without properly educating the players on the new standards.

Crazy, eh?

Or maybe both? Remember that the new CBA reduced the number of hours teams have for practice. That's got to have some sort of effect on the quality of play. Enough to give us the number of additional penalties we're seeing? Maybe, maybe not. But at least some of them probably are because of this, especially the ones related to timing and communications - offside, procedure, time count, no yards, holding - and maybe some of the others as well. Objectionable conduct? Only one reason ever for those - lack of self-discipline.

Neither of those scenarios involves "power tripping refs", or the officials at all. They don't decide what the rules are going to be.

Some of them, maybe. Objectionable content penalties are up over 90% this year, there is no way to explain all of that away as the players suddenly misbehaving more than usual. The standards were changed and now ridiculously minor stuff is getting flagged.

Get rid of the taunting call. It is a emotional game, clet them vent when they crushed somebody or the CFL will be a no fun league like the other one.

And the stupid flag for calling for a penalty should be scaled back.
How about warning a player (or even a team) the first time, then call it on subsequent occasions?

Or perhaps just ignore the player making the motion. The only reasons players kept calling for PI flags (for example) is that it was WORKING! The refs were giving them the late call if they whined hard enough. That's the only explanation. If it wasn't working, the practice wouldn't have exploded the way it did.

In fact, it still works. Look at the Sask/Wpg game, where O'Shea got the ref to call a procedure penalty against the Riders for the center resetting the ball. That happens EVERY SINGLE PLAY. A few plays later, the WPG center did the same thing, and no flag. Why was it called? Could it have had anything to do with the coach beaking in the official's ear? Where was the unsportsmanlike call there?

It doesn't matter who's fault it is...players/referees/league office. At this point, its just getting ridiculous, and its hurting the league. Just fix the problem.

The players were told at the beginning of the year not to call for a flag or they'd get a Objectionable Conduct penalty. Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and as Bakari Grant and Simoni Lawrence (and others?) found out, the officials are serious.

I'm not sure that the defensive players were told that throwing one of the other team's footballs into the stands would get flagged, but if not, they know now.

I haven't seen all the games this year, so I don't know what all the OC calls have been for. Any others that people feel wouldn't have been called last year?

unrestricted taunting will lead to more fighting, then will be like Nhl.

Tuesday night I watched the CFL game and the field was full of Red Flags, Thursday night I watched the NFL game and the field was full of Yellow Flags. It appears that Officials in both Leagues have been directed to strictly enforce the rules and throw the Flag. This is only the second week of NFL preseason games and most fans are already frustrated, even the broadcast announcers are negative in their commentary.
I don’t know who monitors the CFL Officials but League monitors each game and each Official in the NFL. Hopefully the League will listen to the fans and get back to playing football.
Tonight I will watch the CFL Game and several NFL preseason games, will be interesting to see if the field is green or if it turns Red and Yellow.

You mean like last season, where we didn't have this rule? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? Or the year before that?

I must have missed the parade of fights that suddenly ended this year thanks to this sea of flags. :roll:

Excessive taunting has always been against the rules. This year they just changed the definition of excessive to mean "look at another player the wrong way." There was no reason for that change.

Again I haven't watched every game, but the only taunting call I've heard of was the defensive player throwing the football into the crowd after a pick-six. Have there been that many this year?

Almost every game. One Tuesday night in the Argo game and the player made a quick comment as he was getting up from the tackle. These guys are pros so let them have a little space to trash talk. When a player gets right in an opponents face or does his happy dance directly over top of an opponent throw a flag, but when its one comment immediately after a big tackle or breaking a long run I say he has a right to say "in your face" as he walks away.