Power rankings

Who’s getting hot and bothered by it? It was meant as a discussion starter nothing more nothing less.

You need to read more carefully.
I said this was to anyone who gets hot and bothered by it.
If that’s not you, then it doesn’t apply to you.

Your 2 condescending prior comments to readers, indicate some are getting hot and bothered. It begs the question; who is it Big Dave feels is getting hot and bothered?

(i’m not hot and bothered)

I sense some hot and bothered in this post. :slight_smile:

Just hope ZC doesn't get yanked at halftime again in your next game. Calgary is going to have a feast!

I wish I could claim to be hot and bothered about my team’s ranking, but I think it’s being generous to the Argos. :frowning:

I’d probably put them just below the Dinos, Mustangs, and Rouge et Or.

I used to be hot, but now I am just bothered

100% agree. Between that and a Vegas spread if they played on a neutral field, you have your rankings.

I bother a lot of people and my dear sweet wife still tells me I'm hot. :o


I don’t think the Argos should be on a power rankings list right now.

One needs to have some power to be ranked at all! :’(

I always think of power rankings as a point in time.
At this point of time whoever is making the rankings see:

Nobody beating the Ticats if this next game was to be played on a neutral field
And all following teams would beat any team below them at this point in time if game was to be played on a neutral field.

Kind of like a ladder. A team would not lose to the teams below them on the ladder but not beat the teams above them on the ladder at this point in time.

Just a useless tool but maybe fun to debate.

The fact that you see my posts in this thread as “condescending” shows me that you are more bothered than you are willing to admit.

Probably best to just forget I said anything. Once again every word I say is being scrutinized and criticized by those who have nothing better to do.

I rather think these are appropriate rankings at the moment.

I know some are questioning a 2nd to 7th drop by the Riders…but I agree. They have continued issues producing on O and just had a slew of injuries including 3 starters. One was their key run stopper, the other 2 ratio impacts on the OL…until they prove replacements can step up on the OL, this is justified…that is pretty significant. The teams that went ahead of them include a few that are getting pretty hot at the moment.

The way I see it:

Sask beats Edmonton or Winnipeg at home but loses to them on the road. They also beat Hamilton in either place but lose to Ottawa.

Winnipeg beats Edmonton and Sask at home. They also beat Edmonton on the road. They beat Hamilton and Ottawa both places.

BC is hot and cold. They could beat any team in the west anywhere but could also lose games you think they’d win.

Calgary finds ways to win close games on the road or at home dispite the opponent or injuries.

Hamilton and Ottawa are a toss up head to head.

Toronto and Montreal are bottom of the barrel

Looks like 2nd to 7th to 1st all in a 2 week span.

Projected Power Rankings after week 19 results…

#1…Saskatchewan (11-6)
#2…British Columbia ( 9-7)
#3…Calgary (12-4)
#4…Winnipeg (9-7)
#5…Ottawa (9-7)
#6…Hamilton (8-8 )
#7…Edmonton (8-9)
#8…Toronto (4-12)
#9…Montreal (3-13)

You must be misunderstanding. I’m not bothered at all.

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Sask
  3. BC
  4. Calgary
  5. Ottawa
  6. Hamilton
  7. Edmonton
  8. Toronto
  9. Montreal

my early season predictions have gone right out the window these last few week. The only thing I got right is Toronoto and Montreal. Although I think I was the only one to predict that Edmonton would not finish in the top 3 in the west.