Power rankings

The Riders dropped to 7th in the power rankings despite having the second best record in the CFL? This week’s power rankings are fake news!

They are fake news and meaningless every week

Only thing they are good for is making people argue

Preach sir!
I couldn’t agree more.

BTW, they aren’t any kind of “news”. They are rankings.
Why do people use that idiot’s stupid catch phrase?

...same reason my team (with the best record) dropped to two: no offensive power right now...your team hasn’t scored a TD in like nine quarters I think...

...power rankings are less about what you did in the past, versus what you can do going forward, and right now our two teams aren’t looking too powerful..

Flattering to the TiCats, but WPG and HAM should be switched IMHO

Riders should not move from 2nd to 7th on the basis on one dreadful outting. But I was never quite as bullish on them despite the winning streak, just because of concerns about their offence. The winning streak covered some warts (namely at quarterback).

So I think they’re better than last week for sure, and they’re definitely not the 7th place team in the league. I am just not sure where to slot them. Right now, the Riders, Ottawa, Edmonton, and BC are in that 2nd tier “pick 'em” slot (where one good or bad game determines your ranking). I see the first tier as being Calgary, Hamilton, and Winnipeg.

They beat Edmonton the week previous who was on a 4 game losing streak prior to last week. Edmonton got a similar beating by Winnipeg not too long ago as well.

Also Hamilton at number 1?? Please lol

A little back and forth between games keeps people interested.

...I hear ya, it’s pretty subjective...and like rhymes said it’s more of a clustering of teams that makes sense rather than a straight lineal determination...

The Riders have been horrible offensively. Yes, they have a winning record, but if not for some lucky pick sixes, they could very easily have a losing record. They are a -18 in score differential while Hamilton is +80. Only Calgary and Winnipeg have a better differential.

It's not really luck when they have done it several times this year.

very true!

Check my power rankings based on the last 6 games in another thread. I give the Riders 5th based on comparative scoring differentials.

I think it is luck and is unsustainable. Time will tell and I’m pretty sure that it has already been proven to be true.

The rankings have always been based on what a small group of people think at the moment they make the list. It’s really not based on anything else.

All it really accomplishes is making some fans happy and some angry. At least when talking about those who care about the list.

I have always said that to me, power ranking is about who you think would beat who today or tomorrow. IF people would stick to that when making rankings, I would find it more interesting.

You only need two or three wins once in the playoffs. If Sask gets Winnipeg or Edmonton at home I think they win.

Not with Collaros at quarterback and McAdoo calling the plays they won't . Besides I'm thinking that if anything it will be Saskatchewan at Winnipeg not the other way around and as for the Eskimos , they won't be a factor as I'm thinking that they won't qualify for the play-offs this season . Heck I wouldn't even be all that surprised to see the Riders fall back to a 4th place finish and wind up as the crossover team again this year .

Open letter to anyone who gets hot and bothered by their team’s spot on the power rankings:

You realize that it’s just a bunch of guys who are making a list, right?

It doesn’t affect your team’s win-loss record, standings, or playoff position.

It doesn’t disqualify your team from post-season play.

It doesn’t affect your team’s chances of winning a Grey Cup.

It is a catalyst for discussion, and nothing else. While you can argue why it’s incorrect, it seems that some people get really offended by it.

So breathe deeply, make your point, laugh about it, and live longer.

Thank you.

Can’t see it. Riders will win this weekend in Calgary and Edmonton will beat the Lions. Sask has the tie breaker against Winnipeg so it’ll be a done deal.

Winnipeg was the beneficiary of a team coming off a short week having to juggle injuries on the o line and reciever. Give Jones two weeks to prepare for Winnipeg and it’ll be a done deal.