Power rankings

They are a bit out of touch. The Riders, who were ranked 9th, beat Hamilton and they are ranked 2nd.

...the Hamilton ranking is weird...on the heels of a loss they jump from 3 to 2 on the basis of just stats?...W's and L's don't count?....I'd give Winnipeg a higher rank than Hamilton...

...I guess the takeaway is the author's note that it's a congested middle group with only a somewhat obvious ninth place team and a somewhat apparent first place team...

It should go

  1. Calgary
  2. Ottawa
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto
  5. Sask
  6. Hamilton
  7. Edmonton
  8. Montreal
  9. BC

or maybe


Hamilton is a powerhouse on offence outside the 25. And they prove that every game, as they start most offensive series deep in their own end. (Decent defence, though.)

Why on earth would Winnipeg be #2? They’ve only beaten the Als & Lions & got crushed by the Ticats.

that's the way I see them today.

for one thing, they haven't lost to sask yet.

they didn't just beat the Als and Lions, they demolished them

then there is the Nichols factor

Ottawa gets absolutely no respect. I guess if they win the Cup, they will still be ranked 4th or 5th. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I wouldn't say third overall and first in east is no respect.

Sask has beat Toronto and Hamilton but lost to Montreal.. Edmonton lost to Toronto which means sask should be ahead of them... then again sask lost to Montreal.

I'm ok with Winnipeg as number 2 as they were without Nichols but I think Ottawa is playing better with their only loss coming against Calgary. Though they've beat two relatively easy teams... So has Winnipeg tho.

Its nice to finally see some parity in the league

HAM is ranked 2nd because they are ranked 1st on Offence and 2nd on Defence, played 3 of 4 games on the road out west and had arguably the toughest schedule so far, they have 2 wins like all the other pretenders other than CGY who fully deserve 1st.

...TSNs version....


Well I know it's only power rankings, and it's the bottom feeders anyway, but how can you rank teams when you don't even know their records? They have Riders at 1-2 instead of 2-2 and Montreal at 1-2 instead of 1-3.

What Nichols factor? Like I said, having the Bombers at #2 is laughable

back to back meant odds favor lions to take this one at bc place. wont happen again.

every QB having at least one bad game this year.

OUCH!! not even close

Calgary By a hair
Edmonton Young team getting better
Toronto Franklin and Wilder
Hamilton Tough QB Masoli
Winnipeg Will get better
Ottawa Harris??whats up??
BC Veteran club.
Sask No QB again
Montreal Changes

All CFL teams (including Calgary, especially if BL Mitchell legit injured for more than a couple games) beset by problems.

Edmonton has a relatively healthy Reilly - but they've got bugs in the bedding on their defense, special teams and parts of their receiving corps. Temperamental coaching can be good - or bad.

Toronto - Franklin a stud athlete with a slightly above average CFL arm, but isn't hitting the wides with authority (like Ray). If he goes down, Toronto goes down. Wilder a stud - if you can't get him on first contact, watch out!

Hamilton - Masoli is as-advertised; a joyous, calm, performer with well above average arm, suitable escapability, growing smart and a decent team with well-respected coach.

Winnipeg - will they get better? Or worse? Jury is still out? Nichols had his worst game in a bomber uniform last nite, defense still being coaching by Richard Hall last time I checked. O'Shea continues to prove my prognosis of being a weak tactical coach. LaPolice a mad genius but his offense runs in spurts - last nite the spurt was well under 50% efficient.

Ottawa - Harris has dud written all over him. However, this can change. Good group of athletes with average/conservative coaching staff. Need to bolster areas which won't be hard with NFL cuts coming out in September. Don't need to be great now - cuz 8-10 prolly gets you the eastern semi home gate

BC - Lulu still trying to find himself; if Jeremiah Johnson would have been healthy last nite they would have blown out the bombers; they really need him although Rainey ravaged the bombers, too. Need a couple stud DBs - could JJ Jennings be on the trade block? To Montreal? Other?

Saskatchewan - Better than you rated them but still the league's most bi-polar organization. Chris Jones going like the dickens to do whatever is required to patch together early season wins. They could be anywhere from 7-11 to 11-7

If Bombers get blown out by Argos next week I think they'll join the Als as league bottom-feeders and change will be forced on normally stubborn Mike O'Shea (ie. changing defensive coordinators, cutting or trading Addy Bowman, Justin Medlock, Taylor Loffler)


Their a power house in their fans eyes only!

Calgary by a hair or hare? Seriously 4 and 0 only Hamilton gave them grief and this is what you put as a comment? Sad really sad!