Power Rankings

Calgary - best players, best coaches, best management in league- should repeat as Grey cup Champs
Edmonton- moving in the right direction and I give them a slight edge over Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan - will compete hard for 2nd spot in West
BC- same team -expect no worse and no better
Winnipeg - at the bottom where they normally reside only team worse is Ottawa and that is debatable

Hamilton - heads above the rest in the East and should be in the Grey Cup Game again
Montreal- strong organization lead by Popp and they always find good players may be a cup surprise
Toronto - same as BC
Ottawa - will battle Bombers for last place in the league

Preseason Power Rankings!

Starters playing half-games, rookies struggling to learn the rules,vanilla playbooks with high-school levels of complexity.

Absolutely Ideal for ranking teams post season potential :wink:

Toronto is much improved on the defensive side of the ball. Not sure how they’re the same team?

Based on off-season signings, player depth and preparedness - which teams' starters looked least rusty, which team's backups looked ready to step in in case of injury. It's pretty much as good a basis as any other power ranking throughout the year. And about as meaningful. Let the fun begin.

That said, I agree with these rankings, for what they're worth.

Hamilton's biggest issue this year, will be trying to remain focused and interested after they clinch 1st by labour day.

3 elite teams (Calgary, Hamilton, and Edmonton) with perhaps Ottawa having the most ground to make up. The rest is a dog's breakfast trying to figure out the pecking order right now among this middle-of-the-bunch group.


As an Argos fan, all I can say to this comment is..."the truth hurts".

Not seeing anyone challenge the Cats in the east.
I think it will be closer between the Als and Argos than many might expect though.
I think the Als are overrated.

Out west, same standings as last year from what I can see - but there are often surprises.

Can't see how many are overrating the Als, least of all we Als fans. :wink:

I agree with the assessment of the east. I think the division is Hamilton's to lose, TBH, with the Argos in second and Montreal and Ottawa trying to avoid being preempted by the inevitable western crossover team.

Tough to put much into power rankings at this point, but yeah, pretty much agree, except I would flip Montreal and Toronto.

Yea, 4-5 by Labour Day should have it wrapped up. :wink:

Lol! Hamilton's an elite team? They'll be 9-9 at the end of the season. They might make the GC again because unfortunately someone in the east has to even though watching Eastern CFL football will be like hammering a nail into your eye.

Bet the Bombers wish they were in the East for a few years until the ORBs were more competitive game in and game out. Was always a little surprised they didn't do this for a couple years.

Yea I don't see the Cats winning more than 10 games, which I would be struck dead by lightning if that didn't win them the bye to the East Final.

Leave it to Rider fans to always find a way to trash up a thread. Classy...

Austin won two of the very small number of cups the Riders have won, and you guys thank him by acting like trash. Again, classy...

Cheers bro. Enjoy the season.

Struck a nerve there I see.

You're confused... I'm no Ticat fan, nor do I call any single team mine. I am a fan of ALL Canadian football. CFL, CIS, Junior, all of it.

Once again, you show that you have no class. This isn't a who has the trashiest stuff to say contest.

Austin won you 2 of the 4 cups you have, so show some respect, trash.

Where did I say who you cheer for? I could care less to be honest.

And because I don't think Hamilton is an elite team I'm somehow disrespecting Kent Austin? I didn't even mention him in my original post.

... Is this some sort of joke? Am I on some new reality tv show or something :lol: :oops:

Ignore him. He's spent the week trolling the bejeezus out if the ti-cat forum.

Lol! Seems like a real winner