Power Rankings??????

Did whoever put together the CFL.ca Power Rankings actually watch any of the games last week?

Ya not sure how Sask can beat their #3 ranked team and be ranked #2 but Calgary beats their #8 ranked team and is #1 despite having the same point differential in the games.

it would seem not.
hamilton should be 9th, not 3rd.
winnipeg should be 3rd ( at worst ), not 7th.
cfl.ca is a joke anyway.

Edmonton GOES INTO B.C., hands it to them hard,and are ranked below the Lions. Winnipeg destroys Toronto and are several rungs down the ladder from the Argos. What an absolute joke these clown are.

LOL!!!!! Calm down everybody,if you look closer you'll see that these rankings were done in the off season in April and don't reflect the week 1 results so far this season. :cowboy:

posted April 8/14

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/cflca-power-rankings-stamps-top-off-season-list]http://www.cfl.ca/article/cflca-power-r ... eason-list[/url]

Oooops!!!!! Know I see what everyone is talking about,and I have to agree,they are just a tad bit skewed to say the least :?

Updated for week 1 results this season

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/cflca-power-rankings-stamps-top-inaugural-2014-list]http://www.cfl.ca/article/cflca-power-r ... -2014-list[/url]

Quite obviously they didn't watch the games or look at the results. Edmonton beat BC but are 2 spots behind the Lions and Winnipeg is at 7th while the Argos and Ti-Cats are ahead of them? That could happen a month or more into the season but after week 1 it's just stupidity.

  1. Saskatchewan - dominated Hamilton
  2. Calgary - weaker opponent than the Riders
  3. Edmonton - great comeback
  4. BC - should have won but turnovers killed them
  5. Winnipeg - only Calgary had a weaker opponent
    6.Ottawa - until they take the field they're better than the 3 below
  6. Toronto - best of the rest, but....offense has lost a step and special teams and defense are worst in the league
  7. Hamilton - I'll cut them a break because of the weather
  8. Montreal - for the Als sake I hope that game was an anomaly

I don't put much stock in power rankings, especially this early, but these are out to lunch for sure. You can put a lot of spins on it and shuffle spots some, but these are just silly.

My take would be

1 - Calgary Stampeders:
They had the best record last year, and Huff signed most of the FAs. They won big, so not much reason not to have them atop.

2 - Saskatchewan Roughriders
Defending champions...probably would have been a lot lower because they lost so much in the off-season and the game was in a horrid rain, but they dominated every aspect

3 - Edmonton Eskimos
They went into a tough house to win in, and showed they can come from behind...a HUGE step in the right direction against a D that looks great again.

4 - Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Huge leap...not sure if the Argos overlooked them a bit or if the Bombers are just that much better. Tend to think some of both. Coin flip between Esks and Bombers in a young season...both have an awesome start and could be into bounce back seasons!

5 - BC Lions
They lost a close one at home. The projected starting QB is out so they may have been a little more limited in the playbook for this game. Glenn looked bad early last season and cost the Stamps with bad late interceptions, but lead them to the best record in the CFL...I feel he will bounce back....he is known for that.

6 - Hamilton Tiger-Cats
They got hot late last season, and started about the same as this. There is a new, young QB in town, and I did not and do not expect them to show their ability until at a third the way in. Can Austin mentor the QB he wanted...that is the question....along with getting some blocking.

7 - Toronto Argonauts
Toronto has had a great D for years, but the guy controlling that is gone. Were they that unprepared and shocked by the Bombers, or have they slid this much?

8 - Montreal Alouettes
Inexperienced QB who is not using his running ability and should a little (not a lot) with a new HC, and his 3rd OC in what...6 games? An OC who has a lot to learn, but a D that should be good again. Tough times, but they to could be a second half team. Time will tell

9 - Ottawa REDBLACKS
I don't actually think they will remain 9th, but they have not played

I think they're still weighting a bit on last year's results, which makes very little sense to me. Don't get why they don't just start fresh seeing as teams can/have changed a fair bit.

My rankings would look more like:

1: Saskatchewan
2: Winnipeg
3: Calgary
4: Edmonton
5: BC
6: Ottawa
7: Toronto
8: Hamilton
9: Montreal

Power Rankings in a 9 team league is fairly pointless. Not all that hard to figure out after a few weeks who the top couple of teams are. Think we are all smart enough to figure it out.

Since when do sports stats and commentary have "a point" beyond the eventual champion? It is all for time-wasting entertainment purposes (not that there is anything wrong with that).

A picture of the CFL power ranking determination process....



Hello again CFL fans. Here is my unbiased take with my TurkeybendPowerRankings after week # 1

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders- defending champs, undefeated, humiliated first week opponent, league MVP will be Durrant.
  2. Ottawa Roughriders- undefeated, untarnished, back from the dead, invincible.
  3. Calgary Stampeders- won first week game
  4. B.C. Lions- lost but should have won. Longterm will have a better record than Edmonton
  5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- Boo bombers no more. Good for the league and franchise. Keep it going Bombers until you meet your Waterloo against the Riders.
  6. Toronto Argos- played a real stinker in Winnipeg. I expect Ray will bounce back with a win.
  7. Edmonton Eskimos- tremendous win on the road. QB has balls but will he stay injury free or is he another Buck Pierce injury prone type.
  8. Montreal Alouettes- we all now can see how important Anthony C. was to this franchise. Coach has been out of the league awhile and management has slipped the last year or so.
  9. Hamilton Tigerless- Sad future for the Ti-cats. Miss Henry already badly.
  10. Halifax Franchise- did not make a mistake last weekend. :rockin:
    Riders Rule

Toronto is in 4th despite having nothing that can credibly be called a defense, and Winnipeg is in 7th despite a strong opener?

CatsFanInOttawa has it right, this had to be decided by pulling names out of a hat, or a dartboard, or dice.

Considering he has yet to miss a game due to injury in his career, at this point I don't think that is on the radar, any more than any QB in the CFL.

Everybody plays everybody , so who cares ? It will all come out in the wash. Not like it's U.S college ball, where the top teams don't meet during the regular season and a ranking system is needed. Not like somebody will miss a playoff game over the ranking system :roll:

Carefull there Turkey, you seem to be asleep at the keyboard. If this is correct then it kind of nullifies your other thread of Riders going undefeated. :lol:


nice catch lol

...I cannot believe I'm coming to his aid, but in his defence turk did not specifically say Ray's eventual win would be this weekend :smiley:

My personal power reakings would be as follows:

Calgary - Looked very solid, must address discipline though. Got away with 6 major penalties, a better team than Montreal would have exploited the lack of discipline and I would suspect the coaching staff had plenty to say this week.

Saskatchewan - Weak opponent but solid game by Riders. Must be close to the top, Champions until somebody knocks them off. Jury is out on how they will do against a real team. Second but close second.

Edmonton - Toughest test and only road victory. Enough to give them the nod over Winnipeg and B.C.

B.C. - Close game in best match up in week one. Defence should be improved in week two.

Winnipeg - Looked solid but did Toronto take the Bombers too lightly. Should be 2-0 after tonight.

Toronto - Despite loss and terrible defence, they were the best the East had to offer in week one. Misssed wake-up call last week.

Montreal - Somebody had to be second last, the only saving grace for Montreal was Hamilton was worse.

Hamilton - The Ti-Cats performance can be summed up in two words.....Peee Yooo! They Osky Wee Wee'd in their pants.

Ottawa - Not included in first week, join the aother 8 for next weeks list.

Pretty accurate assessments I would think. Glad someone else has Hamilton at the bottom, giving little merit to the zillions in free agents they signed and recognizing their ineptness at Q.B. which will go on all year IMHO. Burris will be laughing in Austins' face this November, looking forward to it.