Power rankings

After 3 straight wins Saskatchewan is in 7th, and it took 4 straight wins for BC to move up one spot to 5th. Really?

That's what happens when you suck for most of the year :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think that they should leapfrog in-front of teams with a couple more wins than them? If the Argos beat the Bombers do they deserve to move from last?it is easy for the top 4 teams to shuffle around, but until the others have 500 records,it is going to be tough for them to move.

Is this based on your experience last year or the year before? 8)

Says the pot to the kettle!

not quite. had the Bombers actually sucked for most of the year, maybe. as it is, it's merely talking from experience (no point denying it, we've been there) - no pot, no kettle.

and yes, from experience, particularly last year, I agree with LetsGoBlue's statement


And no. If they Bombers sucked this year maybe you could say that. Nice try though!

Sorry - just saw that I basically repeated BowlerDude.

lmao....fail :lol:

I have always thought the power rankings are supposed to be who is playing the best now, not who has been the best all year, that's what the standings are for.

well losing 42-5 at home to a divisional rival wont move you up.

The only “fail” here is from Bummer fans… had you actually used what little intelligence you had left, you would have realized
I was referring to the last 2 years of your team’s imminent rise to stardom!

:roll: :roll: :roll: