Power Rankings


I don't put a lot of stock into power rankings, especially in an 8 team league, that being said it is a bit of fun each week. Thought I would see peoples thoughts on this weeks moves...The Rankings should really change huge this week! I think the only team that stays put could be the Argos...

My view:
-Stamps - 1st
-Montreal - 2nd
-Winnipeg - 3rd
-Edmonton - 4th
------------------I am fairly confident on the top 4...bottom 4 not so much
BC - 5th
Hamilton - 6th
Sask - 7th
Toronto - 8th

After being humble a week ago, the Stamps won a big one on the road. I wouldn't put them in 1st, but surely the Bombers have to fall a couple notches after 2 losses in a row to what was a 1-7 team (even with the Riders apparent turnaround). The Bombers still have the best record, but play the Als next week and 2 more times this year. Those games will decide their fate this year. A loss next week could sent the Bombers...well...bombing in the rankings.

Has Montreal regained their form? They went on a skid, but had an impressive outing. Still a bit of a tough call, because even if they did put a hurting on the Cats, the Cats hold the season series, and honesty, their goal coming into this season was to build a team that could beat the Als.

The Eskimos had an amazing outing in Calgary but falter at home. Was Labor day a fluke, or was the rematch a bump in the road? Hamilton and Edmonton play next week, and this should tell us where each club is really at. Esks and Als

Hamilton got beat down pretty hard and is 1-3 in its last 4...its sole win was a squeaker against a struggling Argos team, and their D allowed the Argos to score 32...their most on the season. This D is not playing to its potential.

BC got hot later in the season last year, and now they have won 3 in a row, 4 of 5. Granted the last 2 are against the Argos, a team in turmoil, but those were very convincing wins.

The Riders are hard to leave in 6th, and there is good argument to be made that they should be moving up a couple of notches. That being said, this could be bounce back from emotion of Miller's return...it may wear off. Also, they were playing a Bombers team that simply did not look like themselves. I could understand them moving up in the rankings as they are hot, but they with top ranked teams rolling down, and the even hotter Lions rolling up there is not much room for the Riders to move. This was a tough call do make, as my gut says they should be in 5th, but it is a week or 2 too early to have that!

Argos...well...they are really hurting. What made them successful last season was keeping it close and winning on a big play...they are not keeping it close lately though. They are squarely the lowest in the power rankings this week, but they do play the Riders next week, the 2nd worst record, and a team the got a victory from at Taylor Field already. I don't see them winning that game, but they may be more confident because they have already won there, and perhaps Jyles will regain some forms after a couple weeks back.

Weird. I seem to recall Hamilton beating Montreal 44-21 last weekend. I guess I imagined that.

Hamilton is 2-3 in the last five or 2-2 in the last four. Good catch though PiCat.

Yes, sorry, i messed that up some how. it does not change that they have been struggling a bit of late. The LD game was a huge showing for the Cats...very impressive win...but like I said, I don't put a lot of weight in the rankings...just somethng to muse at a bit. I think the Cats have the ability to be a 1st place team, but they are inconsistent. The only 500 team they have beaten is the Als, which they have done 2 times, which is impressive, but they have not gotten over the Bomber hurdle. They play the Esks then the Stamps. I think if they can win those they would probably Rank #1 or 2 in the power rankings. The Cats have a defense that I don't think is playing to its potential, and if they did I think they would be a scary team to play.

I am not taking shots here, just musing a bit.

Calgary - 1 - No need an explanation.
Montreal - 2 - There coming back!
Winnipeg - 3 - Two tough losses that many expected to win (not me :smiley: ). Another loss and they will drop even more.
Edmonton - 4 - Although they struggled for a bit players are healing up. There not done yet.
Hamilton - 5 - Have had an decent performance but always show up differently.
Saskatchewan - 6 - Rank above BC only because because two wins vs Winnipeg is better then two wins vs Toronto.
BC - 7 - Look above.
Toronto - 8 - Unless there is a shift in momentum anytime soon... well lets just say that 8 will be a familiar number.

saskatchewan and BC about equal - I would have Winnipeg at #4 this week and Edmonton at #3 though - just my thoughts

nah, the Esks don't get #3 because they beat Calgary in a game where Burris sucked.

Bombers were still 7-3 and the Esks are only 1-4 after going 5-0. so the Esks deserve 4th at the most. 5th if you overlook Hamilton's collapse today.

@ depopulationINC I'd put Hamilton ahead of BC. They should have beat the Argos by much more yesterday but left many points on the field. They're improving but they're not good yet. BC down to #6.

Saskatchewan - 6 - Rank above BC only because because two wins vs Winnipeg is better then two wins vs Toronto.
BC - 7 - Look above.

I see your point, but the won handily, and I don't see how thy could move down in the rankings after that.


TSN's power rankings go:

So the Stamps royally sucked against the team with a 5-3 record. Then beat them by 10 points. The total two game scores were 55 - 37 in favor of the Eskies. Wow big accomplishment.

Meanwhile the worst team in the league (tied with the Argos), beat the best team (7-1) in the league twice. Scoring 72 points against the best defence in the league while giving up only 30 points, and they are ranked 7th. What a freakin joke.

What I find funny, is a team that has lost 4 of it's last 7 is ranked 2nd :lol:

  1. Calgary
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Montreal
  4. Edmonton
  5. Hamilton
  6. BC
  7. Saskatchewan
  8. Toronto


The key word here is "ranking" (as opposed to a rating):


Nov. 27th in Vancouver; EZ who do you think will play for the Grey Cup Championship?

You are asking me a rating question.

Hamilton and Saskatchewan WILL be in their respective division's championship games,...gotta go with the Als and the Stamps.

It will be a battle between two head coaches that are hair challenged but not overweight. Had to throw that in there.

Very good EZ; I'll go with Edmonton over Roughriders at Commonwealth then the Stamps win at McMahon.