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6 - Somebody other than Hamilton
7 - Somebody other than Hamilton
8 - Somebody other than Hamilton....oh no...wait...HAMILTON


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Seriously, I know this isn't the Ticat forum, but get a life dude.


I knew you'd come running...

btw...couldn't help but notice all the excuses coming from the Ticat forum today...

You responded, so you may want to take your own advice !

So, by telling me to take my advice instead of defending your thread, you are actually validating my original opinion, and hence, you believe that this is a pathetic low-brow post. Good on ya dude! :smiley:

Awww Catsfan...you entertain me...so predictable!

Wait until the refs screw you at some point this year. Then we'll you hear the crying from the Mosquito Mecca. Every team at some point will get screwed by the refs, and will complain about it. Don't say 'Bomber fans don't do that'. You have and you will. You're nothing special.

Why are you so obsessed with us? Every day there's like 10 threads dedicated to the Cats on the Bomber forums. And don't tell me they're started by us, they all seem to be started by Bomber fans. Are you threatened? Are you closet Ticat fans that mask your insecurity by continually bashing them even though they have done nothing to you (other than sign a free agent QB that you didn't like anyway, so who cares)? Maybe you find your own team so amazingly dull and boring that you actually have to talk about a team worth talking about?

If you're going to respond by saying 'well you come on here, so we could say the same thing about you'... because I go on every team's forum, including my own, not just Winnipeg's.

Well...there were plenty of missed holding calls yesterday...but that's part of the game...I'm pretty sure we haven't complained too much about that.

LMAO...pot...meet kettle. You do know you're in the Bomber forum, right? But because I'm a swell guy, I'll play along...

ALL offseason all we heard about was how the Ticats destroyed us in the last game of the year and knocked us out of the play offs...We all heard how great the Ticats were gonna be in 2010. Challenging Montreal for first...blah blah blah. We tried in vain to warn you. We knew all about Kevin Glenn...but you didn't listen. This 0-2 start looks good on you.

Shoot, and here I thought you knew me better than that...

Awww Catsfan...you entertain me...so predictable!
Translation: I have no idea what 'validating', 'hence' and 'low-brow' mean, so I'll just tell Catsfan that he's predictable, and that will cover that.


learn to use the quote function properly…or your posts look really amateurish

Translation: I have no comeback because Catsfan is right... I have no idea what those words mean.


What? You think you're the only one here that knows how to use an online dictionary...?

You're in over your head here, son... :lol:

So, you just admitted you need an online dictionary to find out what those words mean, right?

Now, I have better things to do than talk to you. The past half hour has been a waste.

See you later.

Awwww...I was just gettin' warmed up...

Cheers Catsfan...thanks for keepin' me company! :wink:

well cats enjoy 0-2 thats all i have to say :smiley:

well atleast u guys didnt call the cats fan a troll, u post over there. even make a comment about the game they just lost and you're a troll..


marcus thigpen.. nickname? i commented i think they should call him "the offense" because he's the only guy who has scored td's for them in 2 games really. him and some other dude. 2 offensive tds in 2 games.. im the troll. these guys in hamilton beleived the hype and its biting them in their butts right now.

Looks good on them, doesn't it?? :thup:

How about Marcus "Thank God We Have Him Because No One Else Can Score" Thigpen?

I guess the TiCat fans don't want to be part of the rivalry anymore ????

they are too busy cutting d'angelis and blaming the refs for the loss :stuck_out_tongue: sounds kinda familliar.. but u know.. when the ticats lost, i said.. u know..1-1 isnt so bad after 2 weeks.
ticats look terrible, calgary sucked today.. SUCKED.. and hamilton still couldnt score more than 1 offensive td.

if the ticats dont get it together soon, there season could be over by week 6 or 7.

lets hope we pull off the w next week and bring them to 0-3.

i'm done with them, they are officially worse than Rider fans. To be honest i don't give a $#!% how we do against the Riders, I hope we absolutely DEMOLISH them next week on the road.

How you can't just man up and admit that you dedserved the loss and move on is beyond me. On the calls, only one was questionable, when Browner didn't turn before the ball got there but it definately was a close call.