Power Rankings

  1. B.C (Still undefeated, but not dominating)
  2. Edmonton (Looked bad against WPG, but bounced back versus Ottawa)
    3.Toronto (Only lost to B.C, but not looking like defending champs.
  3. Montreal (Playing poorly as of late, need to bounce back versus T.O)
  4. Calgary (Looking good right now)
  5. Ottawa (Will be able to give Als and Argos run for the divison title)
  6. Saskatchewan (Only teams they have beaten our leagus worse)
  7. Winnipeg (Looked good against MTL. and EDm, maybe not as bad as we thought)
  8. Hamilton (When McManus is on, receivers are off, and when Davis is on, McManus is off. Something needs to be done)
  1. BC
  2. Edmonton
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Ottawa
  7. Calgary
  8. Winnipeg
  9. Hamilton

that's how i'd place it.

Calgary needs another game like that before I place them up in the top half. Right now I'm attributing that last game to the old "ex-player revenge factor"

Depending on how Calgary plays in BC I might agree with moving them up

  1. BC
  2. Edmonton
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Toronto
  5. Montreal
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Hamilton

1.SSK - Bad kicking is their only issue
2.Tor - Champs
3.BC - Can't even recognize who their best QB is
4.Edm - Overrated
5.Cal - Will surprise people
6.Mont - The run is over
7.Ott - Bad team excellent QB
8.Win - Off year
9.Ham - No character, No skill, No fun to watch. Worse team in pro sports.

1-9 ALL Teams Rotate.. Remember Montreal Syndrome... FLy outta the gate then trip near the finnish line.
SO dont get all warm and gushy over BC just yet.
I am not Convinced Greene can lead the Riders to the Cup but Barrett will stick with him, so I guess we have no choice... wait and see. Edmonchuck has the weapons and the quarterback (no Running attack) but will they have the finnishing kick?
There are no truly bad teams, Winnipeg 1-4? hmm that sounds familiar (Riders)... IF milin Bank can play like he did last night through most of the season lookout for Calgary, Ottawa is scary too. and IF you count out Montreal now, your making a Big mistake. Hamilton is (1) Casey Printers away from being a good football team. TO has always been an anomoly they could repeat as Champs or finnish last behind Hamilton

1 - BC (How can you dispute 0-4?)
2 - Esks, TO
4 - Montreal (they'll show up next week)
5 - Ottawa (they finally have a team)
6 - Calgary
7 - Saskatchewan (showed a tonne of weakness against Calgary)
8 - Winnipeg (what's good about them?)
9 - Hamilton (fell bad for the fans. Time to retire Danny)

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Exagerate much? There is a lot of pro-teams in the world. I’ll bet money there is a lot worse teams than us.

ps. but we do deserve to be on the bottom of everyones lists.

1- BC, Esks - gonna go down to the wire.
3 - Als - With a mediocre start, don't count them out.
4 - Gades - will be better than people think
5 - Stamps - going by Riders game, have potential
6 - Riders - i'll give them a little bit of credit
7 - Ticats - looked good vs Lions, if only receivers could catch
8 - Bombers - still think Wynn should be starting.

Hmmmm...... I'm missing something?

Oh yeah, Argos. Not much to say about them. Being from TO says it all.

  1. BC

  2. EDM

  3. OTT

  4. MTL

  5. TOR

  6. SK

  7. CAL

  8. WPG

  9. HAM- Sorry, you guys are just horrid.

ditto dominguez

  1. BC - theyre just good
  2. Edmonton - i think theyre offense is great, if they get a rb look out!
    3.. Montreal - good core of players, i think matthews will turn it around they arent done!
  3. Toronto - should probably be ahead of montreal in my standings but i havent seen them play yet this year lol :cry: so il leave them here for now 2 losses to bc doesnt mean that much bc is really good.
  4. ottawa - they are a solid team this year, but not great
  5. Saskatchewan - got nailed by the stamps, they will rebound i don think theyre that bad but who knows there is room for them to slide.
  6. Calgary -is starting to come on, they could move up these standings with some wins.
  7. Winnipeg - another team getting better. are they for real? or just a glimpse of what they could be, could move ahead of calgary and sask if they continue to play well.
  8. hamilton- ppl who say they are not entertaining.... are right, its sad but this team is bad right now... u guys want kamau peterson???? please!

still upset about the game last november I see. :roll:

Im pretty sure its not that…

yeah yur right, im sure its the arrogance of some ppl living inthat city. they say were the americans, well they dont even deal with a real canadian winter.

hoops have you watched football this year??

1 bc -
2 -8 up for grabs
9 hamilton but still some potential

if i must list them

bc-clear leader right now
edm mont tor very close
sask should be with them but won't be
wpg ott cgy very close sask will be fighting in this group
ham i hate to put you here but i feel i must

how bout that three lists instead of one. i really think it is too early to call this season right now. one big injury could destroy a lot of teams.


HAM - man this team sucks. Mcmanus is too old! can anyone say Khari.

Based solely on who's beaten who this year, the power rankings would look like this:

  1. BC (haven't lost yet)
    T2. Toronto and Ottawa (both have lost to BC, both have beaten Calgary)
  2. Calgary (lost to Toronto and Ottawa, beat Saskabush)
  3. Saskabush (lost to Toronto and Calgary, beat Hamilton)
  4. Hamilton (haven't won yet)

I left Edmonton, Montreal and Winnipeg out because Montreal beat Edmonton, Edmonton beat Winnipeg, and Winnipeg beat Montreal ... so it's not nice and linear :wink:

  1. B.C
  2. Edm
  3. Tor
  4. Mtl
  5. Sask
  6. Cal
  7. Ott
  8. Wpg
  9. Ham

I can't believe some people are putting Calgary in front of Saskatchewan just because of one game. Sorry there's no way is calgary in the top 5.

  1. BC
  2. Edmonton
  3. Saskatchewan OR Montreal (it's still up for grabs, i think we'll have an answer by the end of this week.)
  4. Montreal OR Saskatchewan
    8.Winnipeg (has some potential, could be up in Ottawa's spot eventually)
    9.Hamilton ( i feel bad because almost everyone has picked them last, but you can't hide the truth))