Power Rankings YEAH!.....debate

...let the b!tching begin, stamps ranked on top....good thing they don't take playoff wins into account OH HELL YES I SAID THAT....

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/cflca-power-rankings-stamps-top-off-season-list]http://www.cfl.ca/article/cflca-power-r ... eason-list[/url]

haters gonna hate

...so are you of the opinion that the riders are the same team today that they were when they won the GC, in terms of strength/skill/gamemanship/etc?

FTR, I don't think the stamps should've been #1 necessarily either, but I sort of see the author's logic in the rankings...

Really, the only thing I took issue with was Ottawa being bellow Winnipeg. I mean, yes Ottawa is an expansion team, but Winnipeg has done nothing player wise in the off season, have a new swath of coaches and while they might have got Drew Wily, he's no Hank.

I agree with the top 3. Lions should be lower, esks and redblacks higher.

Power Rankings are rather pointless at the best of times,even more so in the off season,especially when nobody has had a training camp as of yet and rosters still need to be established across the league.At this stage,every team thinks it could win the Cup,so you might as well rank everybody in a 9 way tie for 1rst place at this stage of the game.So just for the record,no B!tching from this corner or debating for that matter IMO who really cares where your team is ranked with 2 months to go until training camps open.Power Rankings are just sombodies opinion,nothing more nothing less.

Rankings look good, I think Ottawa should be above the Bombers for sure though,and maybe drop the Riders down a notch (too many Key departures) there.

I dunno. Seems everyone is discounting the Kevin Glenn factor in Calgary. He was the sole reason the Stamps ended first in the West last year, yet everyone is assuming it will be business as usual without him. Rude awakening around the corner for Stamps IMO.

Esks and Redblacks SHOULD be ahead of the bombers? Based on what? Redblacks are a collection of Burris, who has now been dumped by 2 organizations, and a rather large collection of PR players, NIs who weren't good enough for the other teams, and aging retreads dumped by their former teams. While they have added some good players to the roster, to think they deserve to be ranked in the middle third or above either Winnipeg or Edmonton without having even played a preseason game is laughable.

As for the Esks, what exactly have they done to warrant being elevated this offseason? Just because of a new coaching staff? He's basically got the same team as last year. Dismal offensive line, marginally upgraded with Andrew Jones. Adding Justin Sorensen from the bombers who let him walk despite not having another quality centre on the roster, is a marginal benefit at best. And despite GM Ed Hervey's quite public promise that he will never play a game, Simeon Rottier looks like he'll be back. Pat Watkins was a nice upgrade though but they'll lose Ted Laurent. Aside from that this is largely the same team that won 4 games last year.

I'm not saying the Bombers should necessarily be ranked ahead of either, but clearly, until games are played and proven otherwise, these 3 teams are the bottom 3 of the league, so whether u rank them 7th, 8th, or 9th is a pointless argument.

If you look at the top 3 teams, they were basically the top 3 teams in 2013, but two of those teams will see changes at QB and the third lost a couple of key players from their Grey Cup championship squad. They've earned the right to be considered the top of the league but all have serious Q's to address. Toronto is a middle of the pack team but all the offseason losses may have moved them closer to the bottom third IMO. The way I look at is as groups of 3. Heading into the season, I think by and large they have the top 3, the middle 3, and the bottom 3 in the right groupings. We can start arguing about specific positioning teams deserve starting in mid July hopefully.

Power rankings Schmower rankings! The most useless of all sports articles.

I do agree that on paper Calgary still has to be the team to beat.

Hamilton is too high. BC is too low. Montreal might be a bit disrespected on that list, maybe maybe not.

Power rankings are pretty meaningless right now. I don't mind the Als at #5. They'll have to earn some respect in the post-Calvillo era.

The bottom position will be occupied by the Bombers all year. The team is flawed just like the New stadium that they refuse to let the media in to photograph. The Bomber's are good at snow jobbing their fans that they are improving but it is all window dressing. We will see another make over of this team in a couple of years when they will still be at the bottom looking up. Hopefully the stadium is still standing as the rumour out there suggests that there is serious structural problems. The flooding in there right now I have been told is minor compared to the real problems. The Bombers and Bisons might be looking for a High School stadium to play at

...specifics please, not some redonkulous 'my cousin's friend's welding buddy (who might've been hammered when he heard this)' story....

I pretty much agree with this as a general guideline of how teams look thus far.

The Stamps have been great for multiple years, and I still see them as the team to beat.

I would argue that the Riders lost a pile of players and should probably be lower, but at the same time, I can't truly justify another team being above them.

The Cats...perhaps lower, as they lost their experienced QB for a hot prospect. That said, they came into their own in the 2nd half of the season. I have a pile of faith in Austin, and he ripped this club apart and built it into a team that made the GC in his first year. I firmly believe that Austin never wanted Burris, and that he darned near did backflips when he was gone. Burris is an athletic QB, who gets rattled and lacks a lot of football intelligence...not the QB that Austin has always been vocal about wanting. Now that he may have the right guy, they could easily be the best team in the CFL. 3 weeks into the season will tell a lot about the Cats IMO.

I would rank the Als up a notch or 2. They have found a couple QBs, and stabilized the coaching staff for the time being.

Most other teams are relatively stagnant in overall change, imo, comparison than the above 2.

Im wearing purely green glasses on this one

Red and White. The concrete in the new stadium is already cracking. engineers suspect that their is issues with the piles underneath the stadium or the concrete used was not the proper strength. The media in Winnipeg have been banned from the stadium even though it is a publicly owned facility. Even the mayor is questioning what is going on. The club is trying to cover this all up until it can figure out what to do. They are in serious trouble financially as they are already way behind in their payments on this new stadium. Hope it came with a warranty:(

The mayor is grandstanding trying to divert attention as loudly as possible from all his other issues. And they are not behind on payments.