Power Rankings: Wrapping up the regular-season

TORONTO — Just like that, 16 weeks later, we’ve reached the end.

The 2021 CFL season isn’t over, of course, unless you’re one of the three non-playoff teams seeing the field this weekend. We’ve reached the last week of one of the most unique and challenging seasons that the league has ever seen and while things look different — we’d already be in the thick of playoffs in a non-pandemic world right now — they’re no less exciting.

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whats with this refusal to put the Lions in last place where they belong.

Pretty straightforward this week but I would flip Montreal and Calgary. Once again I can’t see the Elks ahead of Ottawa when they have each won 2 games and Ottawa beat Edmonton twice.

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If the Rider are number two in the power rankings, this league really sucks this year.

@JON: Good thing your opinion counts for nothing ! When someone is biased they are not making sound jusgments. Your bias against the Stamps always was and still is only fed by your jealousy! Montreal moved up a notch only because they defeated Winnipeg with an inexperienced rookie QB who only managed a completion rate of 42% 4 interceptions and only 1 TD. Where as the Stamps beat the Lions by 10 points with a QB paid $750,000 salary many years experience got a completion rate of 81% no interceptions but 1 TD. Obviously the Stamps played a much harder game. Yet they never move from previous weeks. As for Sask they played a weak Elk team with a rookie QB and a season record of only 2 wins by only 5 points. Heck a high school football team could go toe to toe against the Elks. If the Riders are so much better than the Stamps why did they barely win?

I’m not biased. That’s just my opinion. I think Mtl is better than the Stamps. I’m not so sure playing a 4-8 team with the score being within 3 in the 4th quarter is very impressive. Beating the Bombers, even with their numerous backups playing, is just as impressive and I thought Mtl was better than Calgary going into last week. Nothing changed my opinion.

@ [FajardoNoShowBigGame:
The league doesn't suck these power ranking are biased and and are not based on anything that can be proved. If there was any rationale to the rankings they should be based week to week on how a team performed against their opponent and the performance of that opponent. Look Winnipeg lost to Montreal yet they are still ranked 1st. Sask played a last place team, barely won against an inexperienced rookie QB and they remain 2nd. Stamps played against a very difficult team with the top ranked QB with a completion rate of 81% but still remain only 4th. Pretty obviously these rankings are biased based without a rationale to how they are placed.

Do you even think before you post. The stamps LOST to the Elk. Riders have the current longest winning streak in the league. Three of the Four on the road. How would you rationalize not having them ahead of the Stamps? That 750,000 Q.B. you are so proud of beating has missed the playoffs FOUR years in a row. It's just that some teams pay their underperforming Q.B.'s an amount that is the definition of the worst salary decision this league has witnessed in a long while.

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@ JON:
Yup your entitled to your opinion! However
Winnipeg sat Collaros and Jeffcoat. Not numerous great players. They still had their RB Oliveira, Lawler, Adams, Baily, Wolitarski, Demski. Darby,Sayles, Kongbo, & Jones to name a few. As for Calgary they went into the 4th Q with 26 (Stamps) to 16 (Lions), Finishing the game with the same margin. Montreal was gifted with 4 interceptions from a rookie QB. Bombers only really scoring in the 1st and 4th Q. That doesn't impress me. It just means the Bombers missed their starting QB. I feel sure if Collaros was playing the score would have been reversed or worse. So Montreal's game was a gift. By the way Winnipeg got 7 in the 4th Q with that rookie QB! Calgary and the Lions both scored 7 in the 4th Q

I don’t think the power rankings claim to be something that can be proven. They are obviously open to debate but many of your points make no sense.

I don’t think they are based on just the previous week, as you seem to be indicating, nor should they be. If the Bombers should not be #1 because they lost then Mtl should be #1. No slight to Mtl but I don’t think many would agree that should be the case. The Bombers have earned their ranking over the course of the season and will no doubt finish #1. In fact I doubt the rankings will move much if at all after this week’s games as at least 4 teams will be resting starters extensively.

And I put no cred in your attempt to rate Reilly as the best QB since Flutie. As someone else pointed out, he has missed the playoffs four seasons in a row.

The Stamps may ultimately have won by 10 but the Leos closed it to 3 in the 4th and were perhaps one Lucky Whitehead called back kick return from an upset. Didn’t impress me, other than BLM somehow didn’t throw an interception.

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Winnipeg sat at least 9 starters. I didn’t refer to them as “great” players, although some of them undoubtedly are. They were also without their best corner, Nicholls and the best safety in the league, Alexander, and the best Olineman, Bryant. The Stove also sat. Not included in the 9 players sitting was Andrew Harris whom I suspect would have played had it been a playoff game. Oliveira, don’t forget, is also a backup.

I am not sure why you are getting so defensive over my opinion that Mtl should be rated higher than Calgary in these rankings. My opinion is just that. Maybe I will be proven right or maybe not or maybe we’ll never know. My opinion is not worth more than anyone else’s on these posts but I thought that a good part of the fun was yammering back and forth with conflicting opinions.

It does seem to me that Stamp fans in particular inflate their team’s ranking and chances far more than other fans do. The reality is that the Stamps have had a fall from grace and appear to have little chance of winning it all this year. So what? Every fan of every other team has gone through the same thing. This year’s juggernaut, the Bombers, have had it tough for many years. I will enjoy it while I can but once they are not the obvious favorites I will not be telling anyone who will listen that they are.

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The Elks and Redblacks.

Yeah I agree with prairie
Lions are bad but still light years better than Elk & Redblacks

Also puzzled at kicking Hamilton down so far (6th)
They won season series against Montreal (5th) and (right now) have identical record
They won season series against Calgary (4th) and (right now) have identical record
As Rodney would say "don't get no respect"

As for Elk vs Redblacks the idea Edmonton is 8th and Ottawa 9th is baffling
Both teams have identical records but Ottawa beat Edmonton TWICE
I mean cmon....

HA! HA! HA! So as I origionally stated opinions drive these rankings with no basis for the rankings.. And yes I agreed you are entitled to your opinion. But as I stated you are biased against the Stamps and (in my opinion) you wanted Montreal higher than the Stamps because you are biased against them. Your many posts have indicated that fact. As for you saying I'm defensive against your opinion. Why are you against mine?
By the way Harris is on the 6 game injury list (has been for some time now) he wasn't sat as you claimed. And As I pointed out , yes the Lions scored 7 in the 4th Quarter, so did Winnipeg with a lame QB. And Calgary answered back with 7 of thier own in that same Quarter. Montreal scored off those turn overs Calgary scored without getting an interception from Reilly. As for Reilly the stats prove he is the leading QB look at his stats he leads all QBs in completions, yards and interception % and then compare to any other QB.
The Eastern division has definitely improved this season but are still the weakest of the two. So winning against a fully staffed team in the west is harder than winning against a team sitting players. At least I back my opinion with facts, And what do you make your opinion on?
Stamp fans (myself included) are facing this season with difficulty. However we certainly are not arranging a parade like the Rider fans ahead of the GC. And we certainly have every reason to be facing this adversity since the Stamps for the last decade were the team to beat. And that makes a lot of you very jealous when the stamps start the improvement they have this season in particular. The Stamps went from last place (beginning of the season) to 5 out of the last 6 games with a victory. That is power ! But then maybe you just dismiss that as only my opinion. Just like every thing else I supported with facts!

Yes, we get it. When Calgary wins it's pure skill and when anyone else wins it's just fluke. Calgary will win it all. Everyone else sucks and is jealous of Stampeder superiority. This is all supported fact. :wink:

What do I win?


All I’ll say further is that I’m not biased. If I have “many” posts against Calgary that is because I am disagreeing with people like you that think Calgary is the bestest awesomest team ever and will win the GC this year. Just the facts as I see them and not a bias.

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Don’t forget that not only are the Stamps always the best, but they are doing it the right way. Apparently that is by bringing more American players directly into the league rather than poaching them as free agents. I think it says so on the Grey Cup.

in the what do I know department, I would put Calgary in third. Not that I want to.

Oh yea, thanks for reminding me, I forgot. The other 8 teams are all undeserving cheaters and can't win without fixing by the refs, even when they play each other.

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Not sure about the correct order for the top six teams, though you have to put Winnipeg first.

There are a few things to consider regarding the Stamps strength. They have the most rookies and the fewest years of experience of all the teams this year so a slow start could be expected, especially with no preseason. They have shown significant improvement in the second half of the season. They have not been blown out in any of the games they have played.

They came within a whisker of beating Winnipeg, there was the suggestion that a head on wind gust stopped the game winning field goal from crossing the uprights. They beat Sask 2 weeks in a row, once in Sask and once at home. They lost the third game against Sask after Sask came off their bye week. It is not surprising to not win 3 games in a row against a team like Sask.

They beat BC inspite of a rare off night for the Stamp defence.

I believe the Stamps are the most improved team of the year. Will this be enough for them to make a playoff run, only time will tell.

It has been a really mild fall throughout the league. We haven't had a chance to see how the teams will adjust to a serious bout of subzero weather in the playoffs and who will adapt best.