Power Rankings: What Labour Day Weekend tells us

TORONTO — We’ve already passed the midpoint in the 2022 season, but the OK Tire Labour Day Weekend always has that midseason turning point feel.

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Would love to see a Redblacks win over TO next week. That would shake up this list again. Do I dare say so in the poll is another question. Still thinking.

Argos can look like gods in one game and complete horse manure the next.

The Cats on the other hand simply look like absolute and complete horse manure on a regular basis . :poop:


They've become very consistent Bobo. Few teams can make that claim. I think the entire Cats Coaching staff and Management deserve a huge raise.

Can't complain too much about these rankings. I look at power rankings as a combination of what have you done in the past, but more importantly, what have you done lately. I had Toronto ahead of BC, given that they went into hostile territory where they rarely win a labour day game, and pulled it off. B. C., in my view, have to prove they can win without Rourke, although they are a very good team. Also, it is true that Toronto is very inconsistent, but they are getting there. So, while I would have put Toronto ahead of BC this specific week, I actually have no serious qualms with it the other way around.

The only other minor disagreement I have is that I put Ottawa ahead of Montréal. Montréal's record is only slightly better than Ottawa's, and Ottawa just won in Montréal's building. So I'm not sure of the logic there.

The line that stood out for me the most in the whole Power Rankings article was, "Vernon Adams Jr. is a ready and able top level quarterback", yet "I wanna be a coach" Maciocia let him go and kept a guy who is near the end of his career. Great pick-up for BC, major loss for the Mtl franchise. Who does Mtl have in the pipeline for future QB?

Hey wait just a minute here .There is something definitely wrong with these rankings...the Cats are ranked 9th ??? I honestly didn't think that they would get such a high ranking as 9th to be honest . In reality they should be ranked way lower than 9th like maybe 13th or 14th or perhaps even lower than that .


East teams might still be overrated because they are winning mostly against east teams. Earlier in the season west dominated east.

moving cal up after they barely beat ed is ridiculous.

I get that but who do you really replace them with apart from bc ( whose best player is hurt )
If bc can still play great without rourke fine but right now number two is basically Calgary by default even if they don’t look at all convincing after how they beat the elks

I tried forgetting about Rourke, sob. It makes more sense now, sigh

Great to see the Lions held onto #3 even though I watched them loose to BC… but the Stamps did kick our ass in preseason. And the Stamps have played well against the Bombers even though Lions have only played both teams once. This should be cleared up over the next 3 weeks. Everyone else… the Lions are ahead of you because of their record!

Quick note from my good friend mattbacker@bcliins.com :beers: The Lions might start two Americans QB’s on Friday… I believe our Canadians are both broken. But as always… it’s next man up for the Canadian Content in other positions and the Lions are more than ready.

You're absolutely right Bobo.

Initially the TigerCats were ranked way lower than the charts would allow but due to a rounding error the CFL Super Computer (built in 1968) choked on a punch card and nearly died. We had to give it mouth to main frame resuscitation. Once the smoke clears it'll take weeks to figure out which vacuum tubes are blown but in the meantime we'll have to default to the current worst which is 9th. Rest assured CFL Headquarters is working on a fix and hopefully we'll soon have those TigerCats ranked lower than than old guy testicles.

In the meantime please accept our appology... and a banana. :grinning:

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Fair comment. Like I said, BC ahead of Toronto I have no seruious qualms with. Can see it. Still a little perplexed about Ott Mtl.

Ottawa definitely ahead of the Als