Power Rankings Week 11

IMO, the rankings can be split in this way:
The top 3 teams:

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Calgary
  3. BC

The average teams:
4. Toronto
5. Hamilton
6. Montreal

A team that could be grouped above when they win a couple:
7. Edmonton

They are lucky there is a "relegation" designation:
8. Winnipeg

Edmonton and Winnipeg are both in the same boat and same points, both have bad coaching and management.

True, but Edmonton has the best QB on either team that can put a winning streak together... if he gets an improved Oline, they could surprise a couple of teams.

Edmonton also now has an incredibly muddled coaching situation, with Hervey and Reed contradicting each other about who is calling the plays on offense.

Cal - getting it done no matter who is in the lineup. 4th qtr letdown not the real stamps
Sask - IN reality, barely beat wpg until wpg handed them their last 17 pts
BC - who else
Als - only one of the rest to beat a top 3 team, as well as the first team in the east, for now
Ticats - better than the rest
Argos - beat up and beat up
edm - better than their record, but until they prove it.....

True Tridus however strange on Meddler Hervey ; Sams is still in the mix somehow - Reed will call the crucial plays. Also Kavis has been fined $2500.00 for his Ref bashing on field rant.

ooh ooh ooh....can we do that here :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

This is a power ranking thread FYB so do not meddle about :lol: I like the Lefko rankings in the link below

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cfl-power-rankings-argonauts-falling-fast/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/cf ... ling-fast/[/url]


Both teams had one game winning streaks,early in the season :wink: :roll:

If ya put all 3.....or is that 4 ?....or 5 ?....anyway ya put em all in a blender and the B.B.'s might come up with 1/2 a Q.B. if their lucky :roll:

As for coaching and management :roll: somewhere out in the universe there's several villages looking for these guys :roll:

As for being in the same boat.....the goodship "B.B.ESK. makes the Titanic look like a rowboat missing one oar :cowboy:

Now Onto the Power-Rankings Week 11


8(a) the City of "CHAMPIONS" :oops:
8(b) the City with the nice new park,but the same crummy team :oops:

Lets make it really easy

  1. The West Divsion minus Edmonton
  2. The East Division minus Winnipeg
  3. The rest

1.(2) Saskatchewan - looked far better than Calgary in their game
2.(1) Calgary - gave up 27 unanswered points in the final EIGHT minutes
3.(3) BC - looked good, but just good
4.(4) Hamilton - looked good, but they need to beat the top 3 also
5.(6) Montreal - made Argos look the the Bombers
6.(5) Toronto - with Ray out their flaws become glaringly obvious, offense, defense, special teams it's all falling apart
7.(7) Edmonton - 27 unanswered points in the final 8 minutes :thup: but when are they going to show up for a full 60 minutes :thdn: :thdn:
8.(8) Winnipeg - time to turn out the stadium lights their season is over (no change from last week)

I tend to agree with this. I don't believe the Stamps will take the foot off again in the same situation.

Argos are just a roller coaster this year. 2 weeks ago there was at least a case to making them #1, now 6th at best.

Als/Cats could be flipped either way, but Montreal's D pulls them ahead.

Pretty bad when people are like...well, I am not even going to talk Bombers. They did look better last week, and going into the 3rd week under a new OC who has brought them a fair distance in a short time...who knows.

That’s part of why I moved the Riders to #1, Winnipeg played a very good first half, but had no answer the Saskatchewan’s half time adjustments. They’ve got a long way to go, but that was their best half since week 1 and against a very good Riders team.

Yeah, I can't argue your ranking at all. The logic is sound. The Als over Hamilton was really what made the difference for me. Either ranking seems to have fair stances.

  1. Saskatchewan: Dominated Winnipeg in the second half, which has been their game plan the whole season.
  2. BC: Continues to win. Rank them over Calgary because Calgary is beaten up and nearly handed Edmonton a win with a fourth quarter collapse
  3. Calgary: Playing well, but the fourth quarter collapse didnt help matters. Last Edmonton pass should have been interference, setting Edmonton up for the tie.
  4. Montreal: On a role.
  5. Hamilton: Played a tough BC team. Expect them to win at home this week.
  6. Toronto: Won't win many games without Ray. Unfortunately they have dropped because of this.
  7. Edmonton: Coming up short in many games this season.
  8. Winnipeg: Have a long way to go.

In reality they layed a beating on Winnipeg. Saskatchewan has won practically all their games in the second half. I dont think it is coincidence that they have mediocre first halfs, and pound teams into the ground with their rushing attack and lights out d in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Thats a sign of a good coaching staff.

I thought the Riders had a good game. Winnipeg played a very good first half and couldn't match up in the second. Calgary however, played 50 solid minutes of football then wet the bed for the last 8 minutes. Stamps rolled over and let Edmonton almost tie that game while Saskatchewan took their 2nd half point with good halftime adjustments to Winnipegs game.

The thing with the Stamps...lets be honest, most teams are going to let up at that point. What was is...30 points ahead with 11 minutes to go? This is what is often refereed to as garbage time. Problem is is that it is difficult to flip the switch again once that mindset kicks in. I would say the rarity would be for a team to not take the foot off in that situation.

Good team don't give up 27 points in 8 minutes and definitely not unanswered. True teams let off the gas with that size of lead that late, but you have to agree that the degree to which Calgary melted down was not normal by any stretch of the imagination.

For sure. Letting off the gas...normal. Collapse...bad. Esks also got hot playing desperation football at the right time and had a couple breaks. ie a player fighting down the sideline and fumbling when a knee likely ends the game after his first down yardage was well surpassed. 1 collapse in a season is not horrid...if it looks at all like a trend, then yeah...that is bad. Was it a lesson learned or 1st showing in a trend...we just don't know. either way...Sask/Calgary...Calgary/Sask...i'd agree with either stance.